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Adventures of Team Crystal

When a human is summoned into the world of pokemon, something must be horribly wrong and that's true. Though saving the world from someone who knows more about the hero than she does is a challenge, but with time everything can be solved! The real question is, do our heroes have enough time?

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@WiispNightmare: I'm happy you're excited???
*huggles all her li'l shadows*
I'm finally done with this! Man this took a while to make, but I was working on the cover at the same time, so guess that explains it.
I'm finally done with this page!! As you probably saw AoTC has gotten a HUGE style update!

1. I wanted more style so changing the eyes was a good thing to start from

2. This will be the last major style change (Not counting the next page's little changes)

Anyway! Now drawing AoTC feels more natural! Expect Corphish, his design is too... Corphish...
That was a quick page! Time to work on the next one!

And from now on Noora will have single line eyebrows, since it's so hard to make great expressions without them.. Also I'm changing her design a bit more so her legs are more like cat legs, since that's what she kinda is
Ups.. Oh well, now it's the nex day
<s>you forgot the 't' in next</s>
Ok so I've changed my art program! From now on I'm using Krita and I'd say it great! No more Flat colored rocks or grass here!

Noora's design got a small update, I just made it look a bit nicer!

Comment Edit: The lines are too thick.. The next page has thinner lines..
Is that a New Moon oooooh

*huggles Fae plushie*
Here we are! Page two! Sorry for the small wait, some things came up and I wasn't able to draw, but now it's done! Time for me to start working on page 3!
The story is based off of the games, but I've been modifying it so much that only some core things are the same as in the games, Also the story continues farther than the games did
Ah, the DS. Very confusing those first few times.
And the next few.
And generally all the times.
Whoa, so this is post Time/Darkness/Sky?
Is it past the after game or is it the after game?
@Bluemj61: I will!
Keep up the amazing work!
Thank you so much! It's so nice to hear another person's opinion on it and I'm really happy to hear you like it!
October 25th, 2017
I like this so far! Noora's design is super cute, and I think it's interesting that you're starting the comic at this point in the story, it works surprisingly well! Good luck with your reboot ^-^
Ok so I somehow deleted the first page and I had already deleted it on my computer to get some space... So.. Here's a new one! I decided to skip a bit and right now it's been about a week since Team Crystal was formed!

Ok so up until page 6 the style and the hero's/Skitty's design will change a few times, why is that? Ehehe.. I had a hard time figuring out what design I wanted to use...
Here we are!
Here we go.. The true AoTC, no going back now.. Page one coming soon!