City of Somnus

Prince Paollo uses his powers to protect the dream world with the help of his five soul bound guards.

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Tatami's little smile just does my heart such good.
The drawing reminds me of a scribbly version of page 3
Loving the composition of this! I can really get an idea of how everything is laid out and where everyone is. Good job!
Oh man, I have no idea who this spiky haired person is, but I want to find out
As interested as I am to see what the page says, I gotta point out, the blanket in the first panel are super well drawn and look comfy!
Love the fabric folds! All the little details are so very impressive!
I love all of their updated looks! Ah, dream magic homework.
Ha ha, is Zatatchi excited to see what he's writing in the sixth panel or keeping Paollo's head upright? I feel like either is still pretty adorable.
Holy Cow!
I just finished the Archipelago, and I loved it! I know I will love this too!
Paollo is me. Also, dang, the pattern detail on that fabric is spectacular!
Paolllo is absolutely precious.
I literally don't know what's best, Paollo's morning stubble, the attempt to shove the pencil up his nose, or the look on Tatami's face in the last panel. It give me the impression like this is the 1000th time this has happened XD
Yeah, I do that in the morning too.
August 8th, 2017
She(?) is so cute
I've missed these guys so much ;u; Tatami is still rocking the beard, I see. <3
I spy Zatachi horns!

And ooh, love the beam of light through the tent flap.
Fier Tu(ng) or Fire Tongue! In Dilumon!
Yes! This is the new comic I've been anxiously awaiting since Archipelago ended! Thank you, thank you, thank you!