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City of Somnus

City of Somnus

by TheSilverTopHat
Prince Paollo uses his powers to protect the dream world with the help of his five soul bound guards.
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City of Somnus

Prince Paollo uses his powers to protect the dream world with the help of his five soul bound guards.

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OMG........ this is incredible! The scale and the colours and the style and the dragon head!!!!!!
The Detail!
Wow! Not quite sure what or where this place is. But its awesome looking so far!
Holding hands...... sobbing emoji I love them
This dialogue just makes Monday so much better ^ ^
Aww poor Tusura :(
If only we could all get rid of our negative self-talk and internal anxiety monologues by ripping them off and tossing them.
Bad Spooky Snake! No Soup for you!
Shrieking Eels
Do you know what that sound is, Highness? Those are the Speaking Eels — if you don't believe me, just wait. They always grow louder when they're about to feed on human psyche. If you wake up now, I promise, no harm will come to you. I *doubt* you will get such an offer from the Eels.
NO - don't listen! :<

I don't think so, look at his face. It doesn't seem like he's reacting as if those are his own thoughts. Because they are not his.

They are hers.
Oh! Those are his deepest inner fears/thoughts!
Hello, Anxiety, my old friend ... I've come to talk with you again...
Wait a Cotton Picking Minute... Something's fishy here
When Credenza meets Paollo for the first time she mysteriously transports both of them in their waking forms into the dream world. Paollo gives her the dragonfly necklace there and to everyone's surprise, she's still got it when they return to the waking world. This was the tip off early on in Archipelago that Credenza has a natural aptitude for dreamwalking.
@williamkng123: Basically all of the other comic's events after they popped up into the story.
The dragonfly necklace that was pivotal to the plot. Remember when Snow crushed the necklace. That was the same necklace.
I think
lol, the fact that she's so sure weird stuff happens in Arch all the time makes me laugh.
when she says weird dragonfly necklace incident from archipelago can someone tell me what part of the other comic this is since i dont remember it
Awwww that's so cute! He was scared but now he feels safe because she's there! That's freakin' adorable!