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City of Somnus

City of Somnus

by TheSilverTopHat
Prince Paollo uses his powers to protect the dream world with the help of his five soul bound guards.
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City of Somnus

Prince Paollo uses his powers to protect the dream world with the help of his five soul bound guards.

Recent Comments

I'm going to be so disappointed when/if we meet this hummingbird's human persona, because nothing could possibly be cool enough. XD
I love that little interjection of family/co-worker humor at the end.
Retractable wings. Very cool.
He's such a sweetheart.
He is so sweet, and good for her mental state right now I think.
Sorry, Oddy, the real world hasn't been sculpted by sociopathic fairies. Eventually, it will stop being too much, but this is going to be a rough transition. Poor Oddy.
*passes paper bag for Oddy to breathe into*
Wow, at first I thought she was UNDERwhelmed. But yeah, I guess with Odette's isolated and studious background, seeing real stars would definitely blow your mind. O~o
September 24th, 2019
Wait, is he having a long-distance conversation in the dreamworld? That's awesome. XD

And so is plasma-hummingbird. I was *going* to say "but that sure seems like a counterproductive form to take", but then again... I ALWAYS turn into something small and flying in my lucid dreams. :B If they were real, that kind of maneuverability could actually be really useful...!

Three cheers for plasma hummingbird. XD
I missed seeing the dream world!!! Its so pretty. As lovely as it is, though, its unfortunate that it means ppl like Tatami can work e even when they are resting!! 😅
September 19th, 2019
It's OK, Odette. They're much nicer than the people you're used to.
(Extra tough points for the fact that he's concerned for someone else while half-squashed and bleeding.)
Uh-oh, Odette's wigging out.

Also, Paollo must be a lot tougher than he comes across as, turning his head so easy with his neck messed up. XP Like I guess that's a given with all the adventures he's been through, but OUCH.
September 16th, 2019
Poor Paollo has had a rough day.
Goji's so cute. XD
September 12th, 2019
Looks like his wings (and maybe magic) are the same color as all the evil things that tried to kill them when they first got here.
B (Guest)
September 12th, 2019
I just noticed only two eyes are real, nice details
Oh joy, it's a fluttering inhuman hairball. I'll bet he's friendly!

Also, I am rather surprised that Feyn apparently have both a mother and a father. ._. They seem too weird to reproduce normally. But then, they DO have both sexes...

Anyhoo, hopefully the closest thing we've met to a good Feyn isn't about to get torn to ribbons. :x