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City of Somnus

City of Somnus

by TheSilverTopHat
Prince Paollo uses his powers to protect the dream world with the help of his five soul bound guards.
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City of Somnus

Prince Paollo uses his powers to protect the dream world with the help of his five soul bound guards.

Recent Comments

Hey, he might be dealing with nightmare/voodoo zombies (or whatever you call... van- something's magic, the fact i remember that much about him's a miracle...) but at least he's got a lightsabre lol
@KittyOfInsanity: Is it that he is in color or is it a reflection of the red from his sword?
It is!!!!! It's him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My boy <3 <3 <3

Oh, his fear involves killing zombies of Paollo *and* the other guards :'C Someone go help him out!!!!!
Tatami! Hang in there, dude...
Oh no... he's in color.
Could it be...........????????!??!??????
...woah, what?
Ooh ooh, this looks like it could be a Tatami fear?
October 14th, 2018
are they saying her name in a faye accent?
The sad, manipulative, domineering scumbag.
& the other shoe drops... RUN LIKE THE WIND!!!
Could he have a crush on Odette but not realize it? Perhaps that's why he's keeping her around and not wanting to let her go. But if they never interact with adult humans, he wouldn't have experience understanding their complex emotions and needs, let alone how to court one of them. He just knows he likes her and wants her around.
Well, at least we know he can't lie to save his life. Literally.
"..did you say 'boy'?" uh oh, that not a good sign... RUN PRINCE RUN!!!
Ok, did anyone else notice they kinda look like dragonfly? Literally, it's like a race of dragonflies running around being psychotic. Am I crazy, or what? The Feyn (sp?) seem to be spirit-like, also seem to have access to technology like dragonfly seemed to, have the wings, obviously... The point is, maybe they're related somehow?
Maybe they're supposed to release adults from their care and allow them to live independently and jerkface is keeping Odette for the extra creativity?
Crap, complicating a complicated character even more... if Odette's not supposed to be there, is he protecting her or something? Not that that excuses his... idk emotional inability? instability? whatever, the abusive behavior, and/ or whatever causes it. Especially since, you know, they "eat" creativity somehow, so he kinda needs her. But this certainly raises the question of what normally happens to adults... if normal's really a term that fits here lol. Indications are bad...
October 8th, 2018
@mrjacob77: Looks like not! But I'm also pretty sure the others are talking about Paollo right now, and don't know Odette exists.