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Eeveelution Squad

Webcomic about a group of Eeveelution

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I just read this whole comic in 1 day
,,, is that the su outro i see?? owo
How about Blacky drowning him. Hey remember my series: how blacky stole the trip? Page 11-12
@Glaceon: gimme back mi garden
@RealCatFish: Frank appeared in Silvia's special chapter, Special Chapter 6. I don't think there's too much to this character outside of just being a secondary character even with the only notable thing (based on what Gai says) is Frank might have been involved with a Ditto at one point.

EDIT - But who knows. After this vacation chapter/Leaf's chapter, Frank could appear again if there's anything involving Gai and/or Silvia in the future (like if Gai gets a chapter or special chapter).
Guess who is back!!!!!! sorry i took long there is not wifi or internet in the boat so... i got my ways to comment without it.
I finished this entire series in a day
Hardcore parkour
Gengar Rekt Count: 1
Nevermind THIS ONE is the “AAAAAAAH!!! Panel”
I like to call this one “The AAAAAAAAH!!!! Panel”
I feel so so bad for Glaceon
Well that went nowhere
In pannel 1, do you notice the res ball? Either A(it bounced off, or B(IT HASNT LANDED YET, meaning the kissed each other, without it landing
Hope pkm-150 put that Gif animated picture as part of the main comic
The picture of jolteon drowning on sea and gave a thumbs up
Probably got kicked by umbreon when jolteon tried another attempt on apologizing to him maybe in the next page lol this is just on my head
On the same site but Stupid Short Eevee Comic is very similar to this one.
scrap the neutron gun is out of energon
@LightningStorm99: mi rabbit home
No... Glacy, don't!...

You're acting like my anxiety-driven brother who's never happy! GET OUT OF THE RABBIT HOLE!! 😢😢
@I Don't Know My Name But I Like : there happy