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Eeveelution Squad

Webcomic about a group of Eeveelutions.

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Sorry let me reframe what I said is it possible for fluffy to listen to Alan’s and *forgot name* talking to their egg even if Flare and fluffy are dead In that universe. Unless Fluffy is still alive in that universe and watches over the sunshine, moonlight egg.
I know I’m going on an old theory *coff,....koff*Fluffy
Is it a possibility while on the multiverse theory that I say is it possible to be in another universe, then die then be brought back again?? Like how was fluffy able to hear Alan and *forgot name* talking to the egg if Flare was dead?. Hmmmmmm..
Maybe this universes Fluffy was a fluffy in that universe but just like CC, lost *her/its* memories while coming over?
I would also explain why on the final page of special chapter 8.1 Fluffy looked different, more alive.
In more detail on wiki chat because DA does not wanna work at the moment)
I’ve read these so many times I can’t read it again
We’ve all read it at this point it’s just a matter of opinion for what you think is true
I decided to reread some of the journals and this one named "shattered memorys" called my atention but now I'm a little tired so I let you the link to the Journal to read it with calm, slowly and pay atention to every single detail. Now get your conclusions.

He could also see worlds were leafy is killed in front of him
Basically what speedy2.0 saw “this is making me sick”
Maybe in one speed dies for some reason and kris and flare do not, maybe in another flare is the only one, but what has got to be hard is when flare unlocks these memories and has to watch his siblings, himself, or both go through that horror and learn the hard way what could have happened. It's a real pain to know everything sometimes (like I would know hahaha)
Speedy is a robot? I confused
With infinite amount of worlds and timelines there’s a world where anything could happen no matter how unlikely
Hmm interesting idea, with good evidence since kris was the first killed so if one died and the other lived it would be that way, wonder how that would work though.
A world where just kris died where speedy named himself Alan instead where he still met stella and they had a kid and flare heard there Conversation were they picked a name
Hmm meet her is the important part in that, implying he doesnt know her yet
Well we like to think of alan only existing in one timeline but there were over 350000 timelines so with that many it is certainly possible for events to play differently,
Just because kris and flare never die doesnt mean alan never met stella
*once again tried to reply WHY DOES PHONR HATE ME :C*
Just want to say the trace wishes for a girlfriend and chi said he will meet her in a year, the year the wish was made was never said but it looks like it hasn’t happened yet
I personally think what he was hearing was a conversation to name sunshine but from a world we’re flare didn’t die so not Alan’s world from the comic but a different one with Alan that’s the only way fluffy could here it
Consider space time broken
That’s literally what the memory path is. Anyone Could theoretically used the memory path to see all the different worlds everyone is in every world
Not exactly it’s impossible for a version of every person in the same world.
That would break space and time being linked to every version of yourself from each universe.
I see what you mean by the alan timeline, voices tells me that fluffy had access to the memory of an egg that is either going to be named sunshine or moonlight.
*ment as reply but it no work*