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Eeveelution Squad

Webcomic about a group of Eeveelutions.

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Recent Comments

What type of fun ;)
LAST!!!↑↑↓↓←→←→B A START
wow forget saying firstbif these guys are og than this is
imagen watching alien crawling up the (back enterance) and controlling a pokimon
he might be talking about the deomorph if u have played astro creep then you know exactly what Im talking about (thay crawl up the back enterance and control the host) that would be an innapropiat sighting
Speaking of a persona 5 reference, isn't shadow cc basically shadow futaba? Cause she can see her own shadow, like futaba, and it's all like "PeRs0n4!!!"
Oh no Mollie is being found out! Send out the calling card, cause we found the distortion!( persona 5 reference)
@EpicSignal: Whether if Flareon Flare will save the multiverse is up-in-the-air, but we can figure he won't be alone out there. ;)
This is making me feel sick
UMG THIS MEANS HE CAN FIND OUT HIS PARENTS!!!! nvm at this point im starting to sound like an idot marvel avengers endagame reference
/\ /\
I think I know what is on next page
@Ngamer01: Thank you. I’m not worried. I love this comic! I just needed a reminder of what’s coming and going on next as I thought it was, and it is. But you mean Flare is going to save and world and stuff like that, right.
How dare u say back to the future is bull****
can everyone stop with the inappropriate jokes it’s not funny