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Eeveelution Squad

Webcomic about a group of Eeveelutions.

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@MythicalPika24: Well I can only imagine...(Nothing good)
Ya know, Vaporeon is kinda like cupid, if this was his/her first day on the job...
@TeranganPkmtrainer (btw that's a long name) now that I think about it, we know that Lazuli likes Speed, and in an extras page (dont know where) Speed is talking to Peral about stuff and that stuff is along the lines of love and Speed mentions that he dosnt hate Lazuli, but in fact sometimes he finds her cute. So I think that confirms it...
Also this is in response to your comment to my comment.
Wonder what'll happen next
have you seen a clone go past here its got a prototype Armour scheme
You know, i almost didnt notice how much the "first" problem has been solved, the comments seem much more friendly now. Keep up the work PKM-150!
@EpicSignal Weeee wooooo weeee wooo! Grammar police coming!
Why does Kris know that word?!
Julian just jotted a joyful alliteration
We are lucky special chaps exist that s what makes them special
*Wierd Smile* My Pleasure friend.
Alright talk to you guys in 9 plus 10 oh 21 hours
Hey. This Comic will have 10 Main chapters and an unknown amount of Special chapters. So... Don't Worry. It's all PK Rockin' here anyways.
It's hard to accept the fact that this comic has an end I don't even think it but I guess I will get over it just a matter of time so much time
Also how do you reply on the phone with highlight on peoples name
Don't Worry! By the end (sadly) of this awesome Comic... the Favorite Ship will sail, so it's all good.