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Eeveelution Squad

Webcomic about a group of Eeveelution

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Make a comic in big bold letters saying Bush did 9/11
Also gengars face lookes like sans when you start his boss battle. One eye has color and the other is plain. This gengar has green stuff comin out his eye so yup its UNDERTALE
Answer who is cancer
this link only works with people on computer or chromebook. use WASD to move and press enter to chose something. WARNING you might have a bad time!
Frost is a guy
If you think I’m speedy, then no. I just like role playing as him. I might get somethings wrong about him
Don’t be rude
@pixlyJolt: Shut up. I'm replaying the game right now, but I believe that they are originally from The grass continent. I could be wrong.
You can drop her off
I ment or speedy
Where is jolteon .org speedy
Oh, really recently
Well...that would be the most obvious out of all the pmd games...but if there were an alolan pmd, then I bet it would be set in that game
I FIGURED IT OUT! The comic is placed in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon! PKM, correct me if I'm wrong.
@Someone: Frost is Black's dead sister, not brother.