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Eeveelution Squad

Webcomic about a group of Eeveelution

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Yaas "Exited"
@staecast99 that was a little harsh don’t u thinking 👎
Clam down
@lololololololol: the comic thingy on smackjeeves sez that its still daily,i think they are takin a 3 day break like with special chapter 6
Also,jirachi is genderless so he/she can have a boyfriend or girlfriend.Just look up Jirachi s gender ratio,trace.
@Glaceon don’t worry no one missed you 😎
@JolteonIsDaBest: I truly agree. (Is also using tablet)
Ship: Speedy x Silvia
Hmm I wonder if this is when leafy confesses her crush of Flare
i am finally back sorry for the long wait guys
Not really her aunt, maybe a friend of the family.
@Piku Protealer
Mobile commenting still sucks, so that's cool.
The eevees in the later chapters have bodies twice the size of these eeveelutions
well done this seirse is the best pkm 150
Naruto reference
Why is glaceon sad
its not there its not there looks at devientart ITS NOT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!! \(._.)/ i'll wait
@Sleepy Glaceon: :0
I thought it was a new chapter but no just the cover :( BUT NO GET YOURSELF TOGETHER ME YOU CAN WAIT. I CAN't WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plot twist the chapter is all about Shin Peeking on girls
@Guest:glaceon meant ur spelling glaceon not glacyon.