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Eeveelution Squad

Webcomic about a group of Eeveelutions.

You can also find this comic here:

Recent Comments

So sad that there are still no new page
Did someone mention undertail (awhile ago )
@NotSpeedy everyone could say the 3rd anniversary was the best
Speaking of the 3rd anniversary of ES, I just now noticed after watching it again that axel is blushing( A LOT) on the train.
As soon as you said human soul i thought of undertale oh god
Rip lmao the fbis coming ;-;
@Glitched: just hope chill is at most 8 cause if hes 5-4yrs older than mana the comments are going to get messy
@PoneKitt: finally someone gets it
If you guys look at the 3rd anniversary gif for ES it actually shows them in the museum for a few seconds!
@Icebird610: Plot twist: Black knows they're in a comic, he hates his life, and THAT'S why he says that this is a terrible comic plot. P.S. This is a joke
@TotallyNotLazuli: deal with it, the boat left the dock
@Glitched: You just had to RUIN it! >:
"Ok chill out, shes only 5"

and just like that i Ship it UwU
Scott Umbreon
They go watch their movie then

The group walks back in the house while their still watching there moive

All you hear is aaaahhhh or aaaawww
? I make no sense im tire goodnight
@Glitched that is weird it disappeared