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Eeveelution Squad

Webcomic about a group of Eeveelution

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I'm not good at teaching
@PKM-150: yes there is and unfortunately i have seen some of them ... it looks perfectly like your art style
Wanna give poor umbra a hug his hero forgot him☹️
@Siks: here's the link if you wanna look at it,
@Siks: to be honest, I just found it randomly
You never answered my Question
Pls make more soon its really amazing keep it up
Jolteon is such a lady magnet
I think she is going to "have fun" with Umbreon if so poor Umbreon I think when she finds him
PKM-150 can you teach me how to draw this good/cute
JOLTEONISDABEST WHY is your picture of Glaceon tackling/run hugging Jolteon
It is not a fakémon
PKM-150 it is Digemon not Fakemon
Well somebody who looks like Yellow who is jolteon
How did his arm thaw so fast psychic powers I guess or a fairy move from Sylveon
Glaceon rekt count
Glaceon rekt count:1 /: plus she is way Way WAY to violent to be like her little sister
Jolteon rekt count:15 way to many rekt points plus frozen arm kinda funny but not to funny but funny pose