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Eeveelution Squad

Webcomic about a group of Eeveelutions.

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Recent Comments

I gonna say SP ch9 is gonna be even more gross. And perhaps even the main chapters but not thinking SP would keep going, as the progression with the main chapters wouldn’t match.
Welp, i finally catch up again. What a good ending of this chapter or so they* say.
But creepy stuff me wonder if someone gonna die....(hope that never happens).
we’re in some kind of an illusion. explain this
Itz all in his mind,dreaming of somthin’
What shes sunshine from the universe of alan and stella (fond on devaint art)
Here's a somewhat more saturated image of the second to last panel if anyone wants to see it:
It looks like Fluffy's ear has been bitten off!
Maybe the bleeding this is what happens when the shadow fades and the cuts heal instantly? (Just trying to be positive)
on wiiu again but anyhoo when will fluffy leave flare
I’m late checking but, boi that is too much. So the sharp bond increasing is all because of Flare? No way that shouldn’t be-
@Flareon1225: It's not Fluffy dying. If that was the case, Flare would die soon after.
Happy 3rd Anniversary, ES!
To celebrate 3 years of ES and PKM's 1,000 deviantART submission, there's a special post on both PKM's deviantART and YouTube pages.

dA status post/YouTube:

dA post / GIF special: