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Eeveelution Squad

Webcomic about a group of Eeveelutions.

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Recent Comments

So is this some sort of evil symbol that gives the glacion special powers in exchange for souls, memory loss, ext?
The glaceon with a red scarf looks like frost but as a girl
@Neolancer: Im fixing some holes in the theory, i will tell you just wait
When you do tell meh
Could also be just a 7 deadly sins reference there is an anime and manga about that too where the heroes have tattoos similar to those ones
she only lifts 1 side of it but still how did you manage to obtain my power
@PKM-150: I liked this page. *Thinking. Look Female me!*
@Sky the glaceon: Me 3!
WHY SYLVEON HATE BOOKS? They have an Beuraful covers! And history's, and other things
@WildfireK: ME TOO, but im bad at it, i want the least version of photoshop or fire alpaca and to do an drawing curse in the UK
This is geting so good that im now imagining more pages for this comic, I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS THAT I CANT PUT THEM ALL ON MY BRIAN.
HOLY MY PATRIA OF BRAZIL, she is stronger than garnet
@Neolancer: And im making an theory! HEHEHE