John Dee comes to almost abandoned hotel in the middle of nowhere.


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August 4th, 2017
Maybe for now you could add this CSS to make the comments readable?

#comic_comments_wrapper {
color: white;

#comic_comments_wrapper a {
color: grey;

If you'd like some help with your template, feel free to PM me! I've got some experience fiddling with SJ templates. I can help you add missing features (like reply/edit/delete buttons) and get things looking how you want them.
August 3rd, 2017
Ouch, sorry for that. I was so focused at changing sizes, making copies of code & files and such that I completely forgot [and destroyed] the comment section. DX I will repair it in the next days - thank you for telling me about it.
August 3rd, 2017
Is the layout here still WIP? The "Leave a Comment" text is black on a black background D: