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@Ace Valkyre Wolfe:
One time it said, "20 updates per day" for my art dump, even though the most pages I've ever posted ina day is like 15
I wish Smackjeeves would make up it's mind.
At first, it was 5 updates per week, then 4.5, then 3, then suddenly it spikes up to daily (WUT) then 5 per week, then back to 4.5...
I see the nim and bor ;333
After the Assembly....
Cup of Ramen (or a chocolate cake) for anyone who can guess these two's relationship.
@Ace Valkyre Wolfe: okie I will upload it soon :3
Next available chance I have rip my time
@Ace Valkyre Wolfe:
Sounds like me XDDD
Wow I just wake up to a message from you XD
Ah yes he likes it.
But he likes everything in general.
Just kidding
I'll show you
Now show me.
@Ace Valkyre Wolfe: fine then I won't show you my doodle of Moonmoon
August 20th, 2017
I swear you must be my lost-long twin

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@Ace Valkyre Wolfe: I was asking our little daydreamer here :3

I haven't tried it either
Thank you!
Never tried it.
So you like Ramen

Ick, camping. Hope yours isn't disastrous like mine always are.
@WildfireK: Then a falcon in the air
Looking downward toward my stair
While she's circling around
Then she dashes towards the wall
Then she isn't there at all
And is gone without a sound
No sound