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Gore's random art stuff

Random art dump, it is exactly how it sounds. Make art, dump it here. Maybe fanart and mini comics for stuffs.

Comments validate my existence.



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I dunno if I should post this on pokefusion v2 because it seems dead at the moment...
anyway, sorry I wasn't uploading, school started and there was a glitch with everyones school schedules soooooooooo yea.

Hope you guys haven't lost interest in this art dump yet :3
Gore N the GUYS
August 23rd, 2019
I lost the sketchbook that I was working on, rip

I'm trying to get better at more diverse stuffs and not just cartoony doggos.
also shading is gonna kill me one day

... here, have a firedeathunicorn
Gore N the GUYS
August 13th, 2019
I can't anatomy good.

This guy is from a comic idea that I have but I don't think anyone will like it and I know I'll lose interest halfway through the first chapter just like I did with Dark Kingdom and asfgaxsgfsacswfqcvasasdd
@Gore N the GUYS: your art is he best
Aww kittys
That’s your profile pic
Sigh I hate my username
Soo cool
Nooo swearing
Super cool
No more mouths no more nightmares
It’s gonna give me noghtmares
I love Pokémon!!!
Sooo cooool
It’s like the one I wanted but less good ( btw it’s still awesome )
Eww don’t like goopy
Best drawing on earth it is my most favorite thing I’ve ever seen I’d pay 100$ for it