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Just a place where I post doodles and drawings (hopefully) daily. Constructive criticism is appreciated!


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I thought up of another way I can draw humans, and tried it out by drawing myself!

as you can see i wish i had spiky hair in rl lol
@Midnight-fox18: I'm really glad you liked it! It was really fun to draw your OC!
And I had a wonderful day! I’m so happy, and all these amazing gifts make me even happier :D
Thank you again!
Happy birthday, Mid! Have a good one! =)
January 17th, 2018
sorry if lighting is a bit bad i took it with my phone

Anyway, just something I drew during math class. Just thought I'd draw a few characters from my favorite anime, Ace Attorney!
December 28th, 2017
So I watched some Ace Attorney gameplay and saw that one character was doing an epic headbang so my mind decided to make this sh*tpost

And my new profile picture

Now if only SJ would make the damn GIF work on my profile
December 5th, 2017
@WildfireK: 3DMAN the hatted crusader
December 5th, 2017
Danananananana 3DMAN
December 5th, 2017
So I tried Paint 3D since it got installed on my computer...

the program itself looks fun i might make a comic with this
October 21st, 2017
@ShadowStalker1128: Aww, you think so? Thanks a lot!
@TheJGamer: oh yes with practice I bet you'll be completely amazing at drawing people!
October 21st, 2017

Thanks everyone!

I might try drawing another human with all this positive feedback I'm getting!
October 21st, 2017
Oh wowwwww I love the knees and how the feet are tilted :D

Your friend is luckyyy
oh wwwwooooooah :D
woah thats a heckin good hooman

especially the legs, wooooooah
October 21st, 2017
I have the power of <s>God and anime</s> the Knee on my side!
I'm drawing this for my friend's birthday party tomorrow. He mains Captain Falcon in Smash 4, so thought I'd draw him one for a card I'm making for him!

Finished product will be up once I get it done~

also this is like my first attempt at drawing a human with effort
October 15th, 2017
@ShadowStalker1128: Everyone gets the power of improvement!
wooooah improooovmentt
@TheJGamer: try me