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This is a Lego comic. About me and my brothers gaming experiences. Updates every saturday!


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I said it once and I will say it again
chastity's life story is not my life story. my mom and dad know of this comic. so I feel the need to make this disclaimer. ;)
Foreign influence
Nice little anime touch there in the last three frames! Good point of view shot showing passage of time and movement of the point-of-view characters.
welcome to the new look!
sorry for the no update last week... we were installing an update to the comic editor.

now it looks so much better, don't you think?
About the title
(Drowmonk posting) I named it that in reference to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
In the water temple you have to fight a evil version of yourself.
Poor Martel
I feel sorry for Martel the horse.

Moral of today's story: "Don't bet against the rogue"?
That makes no sense in heck

and yet it should make for a good storyline
the big reveal!
believe it or not we have been planning to have this pregnancy thing happen since Ep 1. it was a major part of our table top game and will play no small part in this story.
don't worry about it author-dude, it looks great!
HA! Right on, nicely done!
my first animation in a comic.
do to the nature of animated .gif's I have little control over the frame speed that you see. all I can say is that it looks good on my computer.

I don't plan on using this kind of thing a lot. but for this monster I think it helps to better show what it's doing.
This is Drowmonk (Gnomebard's bro). The reason we have Pikachu here is because he/it was in a friend of our's D&D session. Which if reports are true happened just like above.

So it's not COMPLETELY without basis in retelling. :)

PS I typed this out on my Wii so forgive any blandness or errors.
No clue why you put that in there but it's funny. :P

Too bad that looks like the only position we'll ever see it in, so to say we'll never see it again. Ever.
oh shit it be mega blocks

or a custom
first attempt at spriteing
what do you think? I can't take personal credit for pikachu there. the original creator is "Kawasaki Azumu." but I did not see an E-mail link to get permission.

sorry man.

but I give him credit for making a recognizable pikachu out of lego.
this did happen!
not to me, but a friend of mine.
this is how my group always deals with traps. but my players tend to use beggars and random wandering animals form the town they just visited.

it's still creepy any way you slices it.
I have been in exactly this situation; trying to explain to a supposedly LG player why summoning creatures to find traps didn't really fit their alignment choice... It's scary, really.
that's better.
this is our tribute to the man sometimes called gary gygax.