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Aezae's Tales


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He was asking coolly to watch them
Dang that was meant for a reply
@Pok It's another (very similar) webcomic on deviant art and they sometimes have cameos to each other Soo idk
What is this coolly thing about?
Leathal used the word!!
I am DarkFireEevee a member of the Izzy cult join us!!
That is probably NOT a mew! that's really rare, rather it probably be a pokemon that can morph like Zorua or Zoroark
I'm starting to think either this is an alternate universe cleverly plotted or is happening around the same time as "Hope in friends"
That mew tho (ANOTHER new character!?)
Rip eevee whos name I immediately forgot, hope you get better
It was the mew that met with Ace
@comercole: I don't think that's mew but... what do I know, xD
Look at the eyes.
My one side: A mew.
My other side: COOLLY
Btw anyone notice the Ziggy reference in here?
It was coolly!