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I really wish I knew how it would feel like to be a Pokémon
I think it’s the pilachu that’s slow if he doesn’t understand that he’s being sacrificed to Poké-Satan.
Odd that the eevee hasn’t seen any other pikahus, since the last order at the diner place had a young pikachu.
you know if some one was to invite me to do that i would say not ever that is not funny and i will never do a Satan's ritual that's blasphemous and an abomination.
Now we call upon my lord ans savior the all mighty helix.
He is going to die meahahahaha
@Guest: was referring to the characters TBH
does this pikachu have any idea how long it takes to summon satan?
I have a bad feeling about this.
it's the exorcism
why is he crying???
what is that? i hope is not what i think it is. but oh well.
Memory charm
Just tourture alex
I wanna see this