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Huh, I knew the usa did it month/day/year I wasn't sure if other north american countries did or not. But in hindsight the invoices that we get that ship to Mexico have the day/month set-up. I wonder which the Canadians do.
I also will plainly state that usa is weird in their wanting to be so different, even if I am one. Metric makes more sense.
I live in Mexico, i think the date about month and day is backwards here
Curious, do you live in the Eu? The way the birth date listed caught my eye.
is it me or is she blushing?
He earned that Sitrus Berry.
He did it so that's good
He did it so that's good
He looks dead inside
Nice and caring this is a great page of work.
@comercole: me think that yes
@Neolancer: was that pikachu a human?
Latias? Nobody here seems to notice there's a legendary here. Or is she a regular?
@SentryBeat: Gordon Ramsey hah, he's a Wannabe Chef who needs to be a TV star to feel worth unlike a TRUE Chef who cooks purely for the joy of cooking food that makes people smile.

He wouldn't stand a chance against me.
That snivy reminds me of white haired kaneki from Tokyo ghoul
@SentryBeat: I mean as a way to make money
@Truefan108: might be a bad idea just watch gordon ramsay kitchen nightmares
I wanna work in a resturant
Hahaha. That's fucking perfect! He heard you
Poor guy I feel bad for him... It's probably hard working at a restaurant especially during rush hour