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Aezae's Tales


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Man why should u be leader with ur low iq having ass
Still chill😎😎😎
Also when he said"intelligence won't save us all the time" he's wrong because if you had no brain nothing works even strength won't save your brain. So you need to know how to walk and eat even how to draw so technically you need intelligence for your everyday life
"Intelligence won't solve every problem"
Me" but Strength won't save us all the time either"
The artwork on the snouts in panel 2 is amazing
Solution to the Leader Problem
Have a vote where each Pokemon votes for who they want to be the leader, and they can't vote for themselves. The Pokemon with the most votes becomes the leader. In case of a tie, repeat until a winner is determined.
@Emc_502: Shut the hell up that'll be in your dreams boi I will and shall always be the better leader
Btw I know Alex gets choose I don't really care about leader because then you have to lead and stuff so ya and then next thing happens I get chosen because I didn't wanted to be leader
How come girls never get to be leaders
I believe it will be Alex who is leader because he is the only one not saying MEEEEE and because if you read Zander the artist’ hope in friends it is not too different and neon the Pikachu (also the only one not fighting) gets chosen therefore I believe Alex will get chosen
Everyone who doubts me will fall
All must fall