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Aezae's Tales


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Alex stop ace before it's too late!!!!!!!
His eyes are still on fire

I have brought upon future sight & I have called upon it. Lol I just hope they aren’t leeching offa my comment
I see you read my comment
Oh boy... Dimesional Scream? Or is it something else...
I don't know il give it to you tommarow.
@Deathxael:Dimensional Scream works by touching something or someone along with having a partner who you trust. I think i think it might just be some form of future sight
Alex using future sight? Alolan pikachu confirmed!
Hey comer where was that yt channel link you put down?
What alex was from this world already?????!!!!!!!!!
@pixlyJolt: Fair, I can agree with that except for one problem... He does not know how to use that move... (From what we can tell)

Then again, i dont know maybe he does... But he is surprised about what happened himself, So either an ability of his or someone outside the battle is affecting whats happening
I call Future Sight no one gets it I call it derp
Ok, i just re-read some pages...

Did he have a vision of whats going to happen?

I know it's not dimensional screams (From the authors comment) but, The black white pages make it look like that

However... ACE is running, I hope he does not die like he did in this "Vision"
No, ace could have used future sight, than avoided where he could’ve gotten hit, that’s what future sight is about.
@pixlyJolt: then the attack would have hit Ace already
And if you are wondering, no, it's not a Dimensional Scream or whatever is called.
Wait a freaking second...FUTURE SIGHT!
I’m sorry, what!

I came back from the dead after seeing this