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Aezae's Tales


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wow is he in shock or what???
I love the charizard already
Emile is on him and just refuses to let up or believe him
The author hasn't posted in a long time I'm getting a bit worried
Freaking… GOOD!
I love how you draw Charizard. It looks so fierce!
Hi, I'm new to this comic and I just want to say that I love this art x3
I just wanted to be a part :/
Erilia almost throws an ultraball at Ace, but rememberers their super expensive.
Who are you?
From greatball
Ace escapes*
Wow. Best chapter yet. (was it really worth drawing 100 pages tho?)
ASUUUUUUU!!! (One Piece reference)
Boi you're not slick with this DBZ reference