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don't be a jerk Alex! THAT IS RUDE!
Its always adorable
pfft..I don't know why, but I find that kind of adorable
I sense a shipping relationship here
Wait why can’t he use arua properly?
I don't know... According to the chapter cover, I think he might make the cut.
Yep i completely belong here
I think I'm in love, also FIRST!!!!
Wait is he blushing
Man someone is being crybaby here
oh wow, the problem with having ears on top of your head. if you straighten the ears, it will pop the hat right off your head.
Is the little Eevee about to have a tantrum
Ah.. Grammar error
With "no" I meant you will not let go of me
D-denied ๏_๏๏_๏
Numpty, noun. "A stupid or ineffectual person"
Huh.. learn a new word every day.