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Run little Riolu run!!
Why?! How did he get here
This page is refusing to load for some reason.

Edit: On reflection, that might be because of slow wi-fi and not your fault, actually. Nevermind.
You could say he's feeling... a little Oddish


Just that i haven't started second chapter yet ^^;
You still alive?
@Spinarak the Fool: Well, he certainly looks short enough to do that...
*Insert "to be continued vine/meme" here*
Aaaaand he's dead-
*Perverted GNK mode activated*
Is the Pikachu hiding behind the Braixen' s leg or...
(I'm bad remembering names)
Can't wait for more! Great work btw
Umbreon? Lucario? Another Riolu? I must read and find out.
Could be a ditto or mew lol
That cape is definitely not what Xael was wearing before. Perhaps a Zoroark? But it didn't have the red claws on its paws... Hm...
Ooooooooo I thought he was gone
This is where the truth gets you!