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Aezae's Tales


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I say that's a 1st Stratum in a different game series.
Why is it call “Hyperion” Is it like the evil corporation for borderlands 2?
Wow what a tree-mendous scene. Sry I had to.
Why did I think this was the end of the chapter for some reason? XD
that last panel has me like "NANI!?"
it looks amazing!
Beautiful ginormous tree
ooooooooooo k no wonder
Why isn t there any scene as beautiful as this in DAKAR
That is a well and truly beautiful scene, my hat goes off to you
Why do I get a feeling that this is another "hope in friends" but not hope in friends moment? Looks great tho
Makes sense very senseable :D
looks magnificent.
this is just like explores.
umm you have the next page posted on deviantart so when are you going to post here (gotta do some formatting for it or something)
@Flareon1225: SEE THEM RUNNING

Wait, can he see the text!!!??? I forgot his name lol
@Flareon1225: no, we know him. He was the guy with the other Pokémon spying on everyone.
I believe that this and Hope in Friends take place in the same world, or at least share certin principles.
It’s funny I know that cuz I’ve never played a Pokémon game. My life sucks