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Welcome to my based on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team Blue/Red comic!

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October 25th, 2017
@Dark/Light: The charmander needs a good reason why to join and trust issues as well. This won't be answered in the bonus comic, but I believe somewhere in the prologue later or in the first chapter it will get more clear.
Which will probably take forever until it comes out :D
does the charmander doesn't want to form a team with the pikachu because of trust issues, or do they want to hog all the glory, or are they just plain not interested?

I personally would be a combo of option 1 and 2.
"better than being dead"
10/10 best reaction ever XD
No jk
With that cute face I couldn't say no
You know, when you change one character from the original, you can make so many weird things and relationships.
Later it will be fun, since I didn't change the script, it will be akward as hell.

Welp and with this I'll see you again in january 3rd!
The hug question is for another time.
Ok this is still active I know I messed up, it was for another comment (which ended up actually revamped)
How do you work out the missing finger? I mean you're a human before... Well....
To the charmander, whoever your name is...

(Inb4 the the smackjeeves page says "on hiatus" although this kinda is a hiatus already)
"better than being dead"
Being dead is fun, you get to live forever.
Wait I feel wrong
Poker face -_-
I'd love waking up in a PMD world... then again I'd defy wanna end up back in the normal world after ;a;
I'll swap places with you, protagonist.
Appearrantly you can.
Can you say no to such a cute stranger?
Polite our little protagonist
What the protagonist can remember???? Well who cares?
I mean being alive should be something positiv
@Darvin: No, he isn't^^ The symbols and gestures are prohibited and mostly world war 2 and everything is a sensitiv subject to talk about. ;3
September 20th, 2017
@Unlatrun: Good thing.Thought he would be a hero in Germany.
@Darvin: Villian, that guy is at fault that tons of people died.