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Team Destiny

Welcome to my based on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team Blue/Red comic!

Updates randomly at wednesdays!


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@Dark/Light: no dont worry im the same way :)
@Neolancer: same... though I would be a little skeptical and have evacuation plans just incase... I'd be one of those characters that you'd have to earn my trust with blood sweat and tears because if I call someone a friend, they're closer than family. Mess with my family and you get hurt; mess with my friends and you better hope I don't find you 'cause if I do... Well, you're not gonna be around to regret it anyway so you get the idea.

PS: sorry bout the rambling kinda got on a roll and just ended up with this...
Oh cri if I was in his place I would say yes
Well the charmander ain't wrong.
The funny thing is, the charmander does know what a dungeon is. *grin*
@Unlatrun: If you didn't know what a dungeon was would you? Heck I personally would probably say the same thing and run in without waiting for a reply... I'm an impulsive thrill-seeker.
I really like the dungeons design, and maybe drawing shocked people and pokémon.
@neutral9999: No worries
didn't know that my saved link for this comic is at this page I didn't know it was updated cause I thought it was going to be continued from here so I had assumed it had not updated sorry
The charmander doesn’t give a shit
Do you know one 2016 meme?

(Yes I know edgy question XDD)
Yeah we finally enter the first dungeon!
@neutral9999: Actually it has only been a week since the last update, after the break has ended. So no worrys it updates every wednesday, european time. Though page 14 might be a little late do to some private problems.
please update
why has it been so long
And the schedule break is finally over~
October 25th, 2017
@Dark/Light: The charmander needs a good reason why to join and trust issues as well. This won't be answered in the bonus comic, but I believe somewhere in the prologue later or in the first chapter it will get more clear.
Which will probably take forever until it comes out :D
does the charmander doesn't want to form a team with the pikachu because of trust issues, or do they want to hog all the glory, or are they just plain not interested?

I personally would be a combo of option 1 and 2.
"better than being dead"
10/10 best reaction ever XD
No jk
With that cute face I couldn't say no
You know, when you change one character from the original, you can make so many weird things and relationships.
Later it will be fun, since I didn't change the script, it will be akward as hell.

Welp and with this I'll see you again in january 3rd!