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Team Fate -The one without color

Welcome to my based on Pokemon Mystery exploreres of darkness/time/sky comic!
Of course many things are different hehehe.

1 update every tuesday.


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September 16th, 2017
There we go, the first page of Team Fate- The one without color
And with that the Comic starts in THE FUTURE... xD

If she were more awake she would have said: Why isn't there any color?

Though you know because the author decided to.
What's your favorite color?
Well well I should spoilering with my covers.
See you next tuesday!
September 11th, 2017
Q&A Ask whatever you want about the characters and the characters of the Team Fate Comic!

Just comment below. Questions will be answered in a small comic page in color(not the weekly update)

(forgot to mention, since its the beginning of the comic, some questions will answered as soon the prologue is done with the 1/3 arc)
September 11th, 2017
And with this I announce the start of the Team Fate -The one without colour comic!
....I'm weak