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Papyrus in Practice

Come in, come in! Welcome to Papyrus's office, the first monster psychologist. Help yourself to some tea and spaghetti by the door and the doctor will be with you shortly.


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@Meemie7: Oh phew, that's great! :D Sporadic updates are fine, I'm just glad this whole concept isn't over yet ^^
@ParaFox: Ah, thanks for reminding me! I didn't post anything about this not being the last page for the whole series!

Nah, man! This is the last page of the introductory arc, not the whole series. San's session is in progress and I've even been considering doing a session with Toriel.
Keep in mind, this was the introduction arc!

From this point forward, updates are gonna be quite sporadic. Typically, when I'm not busy with other projects, I can update once a week. If I am busy with something else, then it can take a few weeks to update. Just bear with me because I do have some neat ideas already in the works...
Oh wait is this the end already?! But I love this comic so much! Undyne grumpily eating is the best :P
I just stumbled upon this comic and I flipping love it. I can't stop chuckling at the ridiculousness of all this xD
Awww sibling love...and smacking too apparently. xD
It is 5:30 in the morning that I'm posting this...I'm very tired and insomnia is keeping me company tonight...or today?
This is adorable.
ACK! Sorry that it's late, guys! I thought I set the submission timer to October 28th, not November 28th. It's fixed now, though!
@Neolancer: Welp, if I've learned anything in my Methods of Experimental Psychology class, it's that if at first you don't succeed, fail four more times so that your results are statistically significant.
Hmm figures they don't know how to fix a soul but someone else might
Pick up your sock
That Unedain's face XD