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Papyrus in Practice

Come in, come in! Welcome to Papyrus's office, the first monster psychologist. Help yourself to some tea and spaghetti by the door and the doctor will be with you shortly.


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@Mr. Mgcoo: Yeah, I'm doing alright. Thank you for asking! The past few weeks have just kinda been school project after project after project for me. Many quizzes, several papers, two exams, and two presentations, one of them being 45 minutes long. I'm at the tail end of crunch period, though, which I'm really glad for!
You haven’t posted in a long time. Are you okay?
Breathtaking background for this closing scene. It truly does do something to the heart when you're freely able to close that part of your life and move on. Many well wishes for Tori's journey. :3
And that's it for Arc 2. The comic will be going on hiatus while I get ready for Arc 3: Art Therapy.

And here's the artists' regularly scheduled mental health rant reserved for when she works on some kind of emotional story arc in her comics.

I think there's a general pressure, especially in religion, to forgive people who've wronged us. And, yeah, forgiveness is a good thing for everyone to practice, not just because it's generally accepted as good morality in society, but taking the journey of forgiveness has been empirically shown to contribute to improved mental health(Wade, Hoyt, Kidwell, Worthington 2014).

However, I'm of the opinion that, if it's forced or coerced, then forgiveness isn't gonna do much good. It's something to be reached naturally and in good time. You deserve to acknowledge what happened and feel validated with your feelings before you can be expected to completely forgive someone. At this point, no, Toriel has not fogiven Asgore yet, but she's taking steps in that direction.

So, yeah, moral of the story: take your time with this stuff because your feelings are important.

Here's the article I referenced if you wanna give it a read:

Wade, N. G., Hoyt, W. T., Kidwell, J. E., & Worthington, E. L. (2014). Efficacy of psychotherapeutic interventions to promote forgiveness: A meta-analysis. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 82(1), 154-170. doi:10.1037/a0035268
Aww, this comic is just genuinely sweet.
Look at that Frisk face
O shit the ol' switcharoo
misspelling in frame 1: it's spelt 'loneliness'
December 31st, 2018
It's spelt Their, not they're.

They're means 'They are', Their means an item that belongs to one person. "Their item, their food, their foods, etc'
The way that hand is drawn makes it look like he's feeling her belly.
When you see your ex standing somewhere and you're not sure what terms you're on
@Malnox: Hahahaha, okay thank you for giving me a really good laugh. If I'm low on content, I may make that into a bonus comic, lol!
I’m just imagining papyrus watching the news tomorrow “In a shocking turn of events, Queen Toriel murders King Asgore in cold blood after the reveal of the new memorial to the six fallen children.” Papyrus stands up, turns away from the TV, and says “I’m glad she took my teachings to heart.l
I know, I forgot the pupils, I'll get back to it eventually...
God, I love this webcomic.
In the bottom panels, the doctor looks like a character from Charlie Brown.
November 23rd, 2018
The plot thickens.
November 17th, 2018
Papyrus, no! Baby steps!