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Down With The Cishets!

Down With The Cishets!

by billcipher1344
The high school adventures of a transmasculine person trying to figure out life.

Please note that the title is both entirely ironic and can be sung to the tune of "Down With The Sickness" (that one Disturbed song)

Also sometimes there is swearing

ALSO MENTIONS OF SUICIDE just a warning guys
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Down With The Cishets!

The high school adventures of a transmasculine person trying to figure out life.

Please note that the title is both entirely ironic and can be sung to the tune of "Down With The Sickness" (that one Disturbed song)

Also sometimes there is swearing

ALSO MENTIONS OF SUICIDE just a warning guys

Recent Comments

This is the original page from the shitty Hunger Games journal where I write DWtCH first before digitalizing it. I uploaded it as a celebration of 1000 followers on Tumblr. Sorry I've been so inactive, I just started college and it's been kinda nuts. But with winter break coming up I promise I'll start uploading more!
September 12th, 2018
Sorry for not uploading here in for-fuckin-ever, but I have been posting on the comic's tumblr (!) instead so if you wanna check that out that might be a good idea...

Anyway, here's the last comic from sophomore year because nothing fucking happened.
Loose Squid
August 30th, 2018
I hope things went okay! Kind of shitty for them to put you on the spot like that.
Sorry for not updating in, like, forever :p
@Julian: ahaha thanks :P My dad's actually come around since then and is willing to help pay for HRT once I'm at college, though, so that's nice
January 12th, 2018
Oof sorry for not getting this out sooner :P Yeah this sucked. I had to deal with the dysphoria for months ahead of time bc planning n shit, but that was the most dysphoric day I can really remember like ever. Still not out to my extended family, but I figure once I start T I'll kinda have to deal with that. ALSO I forgot I was stopping color last time, so from now on everything will not be colored unless it's important to the strip (cuz color sucks)!!!
Sorry about your parents :/ Yikes @ not letting you medically transition.
December 29th, 2017
It's in color because I forgot I was quitting that. So from here on out, there will only be color if it's important to the strip!

My mom insists on taking me and my sister to her fancy hairdresser bc we got wonky Irish hair, so that's that deal. I'm kinda sad I won't get to draw my wild freshman hair anymore, it was p fun.

Also be warned that sophomore year probs won't have as many comics, just since less trans stuff happened that year.
December 13th, 2017
Yeah, yeah. I go to a pretty liberal high school. Let it be noted that the teacher in the first half is different from the one in the second half and is a real good ally. And the one in the second half was a lesbian. But she left the school before gay marriage was legalized so we never got to see her and her partner get married :(

ANYWAY this about wraps up my trans-related memories from 9th grade. See ya in sophomore year!
This is pretty much just a paraphrased version of some conversations I had with my parents a little over three years ago now. I don't really remember any talks with my mom... ANYWAY my situation will improve in the future, and consider this matter dropped in my household for the next couple of years.
Oof okay so yeah I could not handle talking about gender stuff without crying freshman year. This round of coming out didn't go badly in the way of my parents disowning or anything, but I would definitely not say it went well. Also this was before I had a laptop, back when I used the family desktop, so it's not like I was betting on them invading my privacy.
December 4th, 2017
I spent a lot of time freshman year looking up trans stuff, but I didn't really know what I was doing. Eventually I got sick of not being able to buy a binder (due to not being out to my parents, and having just come out to myself), so I found a video and made one! Just in case y'all want a link to some instructions: ut-there
The continuation of last time's comic.
So yeah.
This is how I figured it out.
Please, everybody, stay strong.
Why am I showing you all a sad thing?! What could this possibly have to do with the comic?! And why does it have to be sad?!

I know it's sad and I'm sorry! But this is what happened in my life and it IS important, I promise. You'll find out in part 2. There's no real reason for this to be in two parts, other than it just takes up too much space. So stay tuned!

Also just to be clear I am an atheist and go to church because I live with my good Christian parents. But both my parents and church are pretty chill about LGBTQ stuff, so I'm usually okay with going. Just in case anyone cares. Or reads this comment.
This is legit what happened one morning. It's not an exaggeration, I swear
My freshman Health teacher would refer to the collective class as "ladies" or "you ladies", and he would do so every five minutes. I wanted to punch him in the face every time he said that word because I had no productive ways of recognizing and dealing with my dysphoria.
As for the uniform, I really do only have to wear it twice a year, I really did tell myself it was a kilt to make myself feel better, and I really did wear what I called "secret shorts". Sophomore year I was bolder and made a whole plot out of rolling a pair of pants up under my skirt, then unrolling them once I was at the event and shoving the skirt into the pants (so I was still technically wearing the skirt and I couldn't get in trouble). I think I did that once, and after that I just wore pants because I got no negative feedback. Now they allow pants officially and even sell pants specifically for the girls' uniform. I don't wanna brag, but I feel like I probably had something to with that.
Enjoy the rest of your days :)
September 23rd, 2017
About my school...
Yes, I go to an "all-girls" high school, technically. However, it shares a campus with an "all-boys" school, and upperclassmen have coed classes.

"But how could you forget you had single-sex classes?" you might be wondering.

Well, you see, these comics are going to be less about what actually happened, and more about how I felt during actual events. Of course, it will be mostly truth, just exaggerated. Enjoy!
September 13th, 2017
This comic starts just before high school, back before I even knew the word "transgender" existed. All I knew was that I wanted to present as masculine. These were basically my thoughts going into 9th grade.

(P.S. The comics that take place during my freshman and sophomore year might be kinda not good, because I didn't start this comic until junior year)
September 6th, 2017
Hey guys! Welcome to my comic about life as a transmasculine/genderqueer person! The label I'm currently on is agender, but who needs labels anyway?

Also my art will probably improve as I get used to drawing these digitally, so bear with me...