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Just an art dump :)


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Ok, don't ask me why I drew vaporeons. I just did.

The vaporeons are:

Vay from stupid short eevee comics by pinkeevee222
Nira from PMD: stars and smoke by wildfirek
Kris from eeveelution squad by PKM-150
Aqua from eeveelutions: world war by me
Oh, and before anybody says: "you're actually planning on doing 9 comics?! That's crazy!" It's more of a just see how far I go thing
These are future eeveelution cover characters.

There is a ninth book called "darkness within" with cancer as the main, but to draw it would be too big a spoiler.

These are not real covers, when the time comes to draw the real ones I will spend more than five minutes on it.
Aura flame
November 13th, 2017
I never drew a pikachu, and he is the mascot of Pokémon so, yeah.
I tried shading traditional art and it looks really good from a distance!
Aura flame
November 13th, 2017
This is my sun team drawn from memory. Sol is a solgalalio but I was too lazy to draw him. The poke ball next to their names represent that they are all caught in poke balls.
Aura flame
November 8th, 2017
Ok, so, long story short:

I'm in a play.

It is opening night this week.

I don't go home until really late.

You won't hear from me again until the end of this week.

I am writing this in school and I need to go so byeee. ':D
October 29th, 2017
and a little dragon
i like venoct he is cool
here is a digital drawing of kyubi.

and if you are wondering what the hack this and my past few posts have been art art of, they are yo-kai from yo-kai watch.

and one more thing: i've made my decision, i will continue EWW but first i want to update EWW's cover and pages bc improvement and my current cover sucks :P. and also, i want to write scripts and work on the plot. so, might be awhile before updates continue, but it will eventually happen :D
Oooh it was cancelled that's why it wouldn't update lol
Yayyyy! :D
Here is a drawing of cancer and a announcement, I might just continue EWW.

Ok, so, during the time where I quit, I have gotten some more fans on EWW, and I have been staring to get guilty, because I hate it when a comic I like gets discontinued. So, I'm considering reviving EWW.

Thank chu! :D
Ok, so,

My school had a big feild trip where we stayed at a camp overnight for a week. We had no wifi, no BUG REPELANT AHHHH, and no things to do other than draw. I forgot to put out a notice, So, here I am, home again, with lots of drawings, and am about to resume normal updates. :)

Oh and also, the style for this art dump has changed. updates will just be the next page. They won't be sorted by category like they used to be, so if if you didn't know that, and you want to see my bad art, you might want to go back just in case.

Thank you for reading!
Not much to say about this. The title is pretty self explanatory. ':D
Aura flame
October 24th, 2017
Plus the same daiz whoops derp.
A better venoct plus a random daiz
Doodle in school. Mah favorite yo-Kai, kyubi, and my sisters favorite yo-kai, venoct. My venoct suuuucks derp.
This is number two :)