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EddsWorld (The FanComic): The Beginning and The Friend

Inspired by Edd Gould's 'Eddsworld'; Edd, Matt, and Tom must go on an epic adventure to retrieve the Cola missing from Edd's life. But just how far will they go to achieve this goal?

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Which is russian for Woof ._.
what he said if you didnt understand is "i dont understand" i know I TOLD YA I WAS half RUSSAIN
and he dead drunk
im edd id punch AND kick him in the face and weak spot
matt turn ino the vamp you now
@Guest: ya they just like this happens every day and we just sit in the back and watch them argue
Oh, wow.
Lmao, that's great. Edd's just like "I-I'm standing right here-."
is he russian because i am
pat is like what the heck are you doing tom
@yeet: thank you you summon me
Now this is when edd gets the idea of killing his past self just like wtfuture what the heckie and i wonder how toms doing
" RED LEADER ": Tord is DEAD
@TheFanGamer2019: Tord: ello old friend ;w; oh hey edd tord-2019
How did this even happen oh wait were in a comic *FLASSSSSSHHBACKKKKK
that's the moment he knew....he dun goofed UwU poor paul and patrick oof
@Guest: no revues card