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EddsWorld (The FanComic): The Beginning and The Friend

Inspired by Edd Gould's 'Eddsworld'; Edd, Matt, and Tom must go on an epic adventure to retrieve the Cola missing from Edd's life. But just how far will they go to achieve this goal?

Recent Comments

I’m just a very talkative C H I L D. Ok?
Any one think that tomatt is somewhat in this comic
paul and patryk(?) In the background :_D
People only care about the cigar while im worried about TOM
Yeah,,, he looks good in it tho lmaoo
Tord u evil little f ucker
TORD CALM DOWN GEEZ! naah im kidding! Tom deserved it >:D
Tank in the backround in the second panel when red leader says "that was fun"
Tank: tank you
Imagine me as paul but the song is "rewright the stars" XD
Edd is me if tord took away all the root beer XD
@SCREEEECH: it says for tom to do the dishes on the chore chart though
@Autumn2002: I mean I cant blame you I mean who dosen't like an evil overlord
@Guest: or in Zanta claws 3 when zanta shot him
1. fire breath
3.tough skin
4.vulnerable eye
I mean why
@Suicieparty: he looks so innocent :(
@Justaguest: I'm not sure