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EddsWorld (The FanComic): The Beginning and The Friend

Inspired by Edd Gould's 'Eddsworld'; Edd, Matt, and Tom must go on an epic adventure to retrieve the Cola missing from Edd's life. But just how far will they go to achieve this goal?

Recent Comments

THE VISORS DOING IT. he's not drugged nor drunk it's the dam visor
I agree. I thought he'd try to fight back to.
Oof that was really punny
They’ve already sailed my dear guest
Dude, I'm LITERALLY Dr. Liu XD
Tom: *Flirting intensifies*
Woman: *Extracts blood from him*
Tom:...*Continues flirting*
She straight up stabbed him. Boi damn
Uh.....why did Tom become flirty...m
@Tord: Tom doesn't suck, Tord/Red Leader suck because they are pugging traitors!
notice how his blood is both red and purple.
Alina~ well I dont think it's on yet bc if u see on the promo art for this chapter then Tom has red eyes and looked pretty brainwashed so maybe he will be at one point
Honestly I expected a lot worse for the visor, like a mind control thing or something
Finally, Tom appeared! Also, WHAT THE FRICK TOM?!
here comes the ships... someone save me..