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Fallen Flowers

The day Monster kind was sealed into Mt. Ebott, the mages added a little extra insurance. A curse.
Human SOULS may pass. But Human forms may not.
Young Frisk must navigate the dangers under the mountain, a little less human than before...


Recent Comments

That is relatable
It’s butiful
November 15th, 2019
I love everything about this. That armor id gorgeous and the humour is absolutely on point.
did you notice that one of the monsters looked like spyro?
Scarftale Bryan
November 11th, 2019
@MercenaryX: r/wooooooosh
November 11th, 2019
That armor reminds me alot of the Zora armor.
November 11th, 2019
That's all well and good but I didn't get the joke that sans was saying. The point just flew right over me.
November 11th, 2019
I floundered a bit on the sofishticated elements of that aquatic armor. 🐟
Nice frogsuit! (Its a pun. Sadly no scuba gear in sight, though.)
Also Im excited to see the dummy clan
Tommie is a punster!
Ooh, the human's flowers are pink... white and red mixed together...
Rest in the snow, yellow soul.
...Flowers growing in the cold, a break, a chance to recuperate
It is a little funny, papyrus. Thanks for simplifying it, too.
Hmm... golden flowers, surviving in this cold... are those dandelions?
And they'll be overwatered, too...
Ooh, a brilliant bubble, and sans the cyborg!
ah, this Au is neato. (Periodic table ref.)
Orange magic... ooh... what's that signify again? doesnt matter, I guess.
I do know that there are no stop signs here...
*You are reminded by the Jarl's offer, of Gandalf the Wise. The thought fills you with a warm DETERMINATION.