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Kirby Madness

Kirby and many other Kirbies go across the world and fighting villains.

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That bacon must taste good if it's on the ground
January 18th, 2018
Stupid Kirby.
There was a third choice, but it was an open-face PB and J sandwich that blew up in Kal's dumpster
January 16th, 2018
Please choose something off the menu. But you can't choose the strawberry shortcake because it was taken by rats with access to bombs.
@Foreigner55: At least they kinda ran into Past Kirby
@Foreigner55: That's actually helpful.
Never Again, will I use a crappy backstory to advance the plot
Classic Airline Comedy
@Foreigner55: I might do it a lot
Hey... I wanted to move on and I needed a panel filler so sorry for the terrible Blue Kirby backstory
You'll find out eventually
Thank you for being a fan!
And commenting on every page will probably not take that long.
Well if your aiming to comment of every one of them... then that wouldn't probably take that long for now.
Honestly I'm betting someone found the key in the time they were talking,
I need a monster to clobber Kirby. Because that always works doesn't it.
Ah sonic the hedgehog. A character I enjoy only ironically.
Wait, never mind.
Oh god. That was the wrong location dammit.
How did they get to green hill zone? It's on a different planet?