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Kirby Madness

Kirby and many other Kirbies go across the world and fighting villains.

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That smile in panel 5 is so evil
Yep. That's Choco for ya. But something tells me...

He REALLY wants to beat up Meta Knight
Insanity in a nutshell color~
Be glad this wasn't on April 1st or this would have been the final comic
News Flash: A brown Kirby is flying through the skies at the speed of light. If you are a Bronto Burt or Scarfy, you will die if you are in the air
He's quite the insane fella :3
I'll miss you so much Quantu- Ooh! Bandanna Waddle Dee!

I don't know what happened and I'm not wntirely sure my sanity would hold up if I did.
It was at this moment that Quantum knew... he (bleep)ed up.
This may or may NOT be the last comic of this chapter.
Alternately, I'm gonna take a break from making this comic and post the next one next week with an update on the sprites... At least I'll try
I screwed up! I screwed up!
Fine, I'll bite. (Even though I almost certainly know what's coming)
A number better than 12?

4 :3
Wanna know a number better than 24?

At least Shady didn't hit himself.
Look on the bright side Quantum. Your attack did more damage.
That was painful....

To watch