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Unwary Mud

within the world of Hios, strange things have been happening, mainly a string of murders most suspect to be a cult, and you just so happen to be unfortunate enough to get curious and end up trying to halt... do ya really think im going to spoil it so soon?( this comic will span multiple timelines and branches, allowing "what if" to become "what else")


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happy halloween!, updates will be regular on November, once per week on wensday or friday
thanks for all the support ofr the unwary mud universe and me, on december first ill begin burning ice, for thoes who like the universe but preferr better worldbuilding skills
Geez, nevermind. I want to do a roll or whatever to see if this guy is trustworthy.
but I really want to know. :(
Ask that guy why he's so sad.
sorry this is late, but ive abandonded scedual besides uploading once a week
VILLAGE.. lets see if we can find a market of some sorts!!
(and if this guy decides to stick around make him get clothes)
Also, ask him if he realizes he's making everyone uncomfortable by not wearing any clothes.
our party is too big, let's sell half of them at a market or something.
June 25th, 2018
Yay, a villaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage
June 23rd, 2018
and free reing, next page will be a bit closer because these zoomed out shots are getting a bit borieng
ask our new buddy for directions?
suggestions needed for the next page
May 7th, 2018
@artofjoe: yep, we just gotta turn around
May 7th, 2018
So, are there any villages or anything? Just curious.
But the main reason is because I want my ideas in a visual medium, something I can ground to in my mind
I suppose my greatest inspiration would be biology books and the like, as for my style, that was more so inspired by a bunch of games and a dash of cartoons
what is the greatest inspiration for you to draw? (if any)

This might be over, but if you want a question^
ask me anything in a comment or pm and ill try to answer it on the next page