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A generic Mega Man comic with a generic name. Follow the adventures of Mega Man and his new and old friends. Updates every other day. All Characters are owned by Capcom or me (or more recently some by Nintendo).


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@GamerDude7: Or their shapes... They are ALL the same size and shape!!!
@PrivatePepperoni: How do any of them know their own gender? None of them have clothes and you still can't tell.
You know he's got a point.
@PrivatePepperoni: The donuts are in a secure location called Dunkin Donuts. Just tell the employee 100 chocolate donuts and they'll give them to you if you give them weird green paper with faces on them.
I'm with the ghost... WHERE ARE THOSE DOUGHNUTS?!?!
I forgot that they were there... Well Protoman at least
@PrivatePepperoni: If they are in a comic format then I count them but if they're brief messages like this then I don't count them.
Do fillers count as comics?
Some of you may already know that I'm getting close to the 100th comic. I don't what to do as sort of a celebration for it so I've decided that you the readers can comment your ideas. You have until I actually get to 100 comics (not counting this one because its not actually a comic).
You never know what's behind the mask until it comes off.
February 10th, 2018
Everything about this is no.
A) I was joking,
and B) I said "I thought they were bigger" because of the punchline

I'm confusing, sorry.
@PrivatePepperoni: If they are then Sprites Inc. Got it wrong.
I thought they were a little bigger.
So we make our own sprites?
Most of the advertisement was made by Bill33 (except for the parts with me and Fred). To find the comic and rules go here:

To see if you can get your character in then just PM Bill.
@PrivatePepperoni: I think you might be right.
Who will win?** A robot that Wily built, or another robot that Wily built?

**Spoiler alert, one robot that Dr. Wily built will win, and the other won't
That sly robot! I didn't know robots had the ability to be outside of the stage!