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Mega Story

A generic Mega Man comic with a generic name. Follow the adventures of Mega Man and his new and old friends. Updates every other day. All Characters are owned by Capcom or me (or more recently some by Nintendo).


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@Vaporeon is cool: Close enough. You'll get half a cookie on tomorrows page.
maybe air mans power?
A cookie to whoever can guess what he's planning.
luckily summer break right around the corner well at least for me
May 15th, 2018
@GamerDude7: Reletable
May 15th, 2018
Sorry for the lack of updates! School's been killing me.
Unless that Mail truck was Highly Energy proof, then they for sure have defeated Mail Man
at fist i thought they were flying the other way but now i know which way their lying
That truck would be too far away to see the license plate number

Oh right they're robots
No updates next week. I'm going on vaction and won't have internet access.
The character page is up and running! Copy and paste the URL it gives you to access a Google Slide with the characters. Now that the character page is up I'll be able to update Thursday or Friday. After that I'm going on vacation so I won't be able to update next week.
Aw Quint, such a buzzkill. I wonder what kind of nickname Protoman had in mind.
@GamerDude7: Aw man, there went the suspense