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-passes out-
Imagine if you were the one on the ceiling XDDD
OMG XD I almost peed, it was so funny!
he's just siting up there while Ruby looks like she's about ready to explode.
well, well, well, welly, well, well

Felix run before she realizes she has wings again
Lynxie Lynxie Lynxie I love you so much XDDD
"Oh okay I'll be completely apathetic and not care if you die in a fire in fact I won't even save you"

"Well shoot."
@WildfireK: he balled it up and threw it right at her face and it missed
Wafflepire more likr Wafflepyre amiright
It was funny because Lynxie threw out all his philosophy and Tess was just like "Ahaha look at this loser thinks he has the world figured out I really pity him, he's so stupid it's laughable"
@WildfireK: whooooooooa there Wafflepire, better be careful what you say or she'll burn you on the spot
@WildfireK: ooooooooooh yeah I remember that XD

that was brutal.... {I still don't see how shadow ball can set things on fire XD}
Hahah this reminds me of the Lynxie and Tess RP Shad and I did where Tess burnt the whole forest down and killed ShadowClan
@RubyDaAwesomeDragon: its just the sketch lines
@RubyDaAwesomeDragon: yes they are all like: O_O