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Tukk & Rol

This is the story of Tukker Klaus, Rola Dicaertes, and the rest of the Mystery Club, as they solve childhood mysteries around their idyllic town, and among themselves. Just a simple slice-of-mystery...nothing else going on here.
Updates Sundays, so chill out and expect a page!


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Howdy everyone! Hope your week is going well!
Phew, this page took a while, 9 panels (not counting the little 'later' one) put me through my paces!
Howdy everyone! Hope your week has been good.

Coming from someone taking classes, studying can suck when social life calls.
Howdy everyone! Hope your week has been going well!
I wonder how long it would take for them to make a couch that way...
Howdy everyone! How's your week going?
I hope they have all of the pieces for that game.
Howdy everyone!
I wonder what the recipe is?
Howdy everyone! Hope your week has been going well!

Looks like things are getting...awkward.
Tukk had an...incident, leaving him mostly blind in that eye. It doesn't help that he is medically frail to start with.
Thanks for the comment!
What's up with Tukk's eye and Rol reminds me of Juana from
Howdy everyone! Hows the new year been so far? Hope its been good for you all!

The infamous first Mystery! Often times kids embellish things a bit, probably just met some cleaning workers or strangers they didn't know...
Looks like the investigation might have some bias.

Howdy everyone, and welcome to 2018! hope its been going well for you so far.
When all else fails, sometimes volume is the answer.

Happy New Years everyone! My resolution this year is to improve as much as I can artistically. What is yours?
Thanks! What did you like most about it? What could be better? Hope your holiday season is going well!
I like this page the best!
Just an average club meeting.

Happy Holidays everyone!
At least you tried Rol...
Pretty sure that if that wasn't just a pillow it would have ended up with a few more lumps.
~Knock on my door~
Anyway, looks like this is a common occurrence.
December 16th, 2017
Sure beats some cans and a string.
Kinda spartan for a kid's room huh?
Glad to see Porter home safe...