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SonicFan Reviews

Hi!!!This is my review comic where I will review comics..DUH!!XD

Feel free to submit your comics through PM or comment below.SonicFan out mothasuckas!B)

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come into my van there's lots of candy
Sorry if I scared anyone with sonic.exe.Its because its haloween I thought I should be scary:)

Have a happy halloween everyone!!SonicFan out.
@awsomebeans2: And you don't know how to listen either, it seems. Judging from your response, you don't seem to understand that I am not bullying your friend. I outlined the errors, so that they can improve. A bully would simply tell your friend to "kys, m8".
@Maybe Every Tree's Apple: This review comic is mostly for fun....i'm not a serious reviewer but I'm still entitled to an opinon.
@awsomebeans2: There is no bullying going on here. I have nothing personal against this user whatsoever. I am simply advising the user on how they might get themself taken seriously. I'd advise that you deal with this situation maturely. A wise person takes criticism and considers it and whether the given advice could improve their work. An unwise person swears at the critic and calls it bullying.
no one likes a white knight that thinks they know good content fuckface
nice review I'd like it if you also reviewed AHC1 please
nice review looking forward to the next one
There are issues here...
Spelling errors are sprinkled around the review, no spaces are used after any kind of punctuation, there is copious use of exclamation points, halfway through the review all capitalization ceases, including correct usage (not that capitalization was consistently present before)... I could go ON. And ON. And ON!.. about the superficial errors but oh boy are there reviewing errors. Points are given for use of memes (AKA unoriginal writing), the reviewer admitted to not reading most of the comic, the reviewer complains that a SPRITE COMIC has no shading (I'm surprised that they even knew what shading was), completely ignores the fact that the sprites are original in favor of fanboying for the eyes and criticizing the sprites for not being ripped from a video game (any reviewer worth his salt will have a heart attack reading that part!), The last point is a tip the author is advised to follow and the most damning element out of this farce... Meta, fourth-wall aware characters... are bad writing? NO. Used correctly, they are an excellent literary device, which is PROVEN BY A PICTURE INCLUDED IN THE REVIEW. It's quite an interesting topic to muse on. One Over Zero is an excellent example of a comic where the characters are aware of the fourth wall. This commenter thinks that any reviewer believing a fourth wall is a neccessity is in dire need of reading THAT webcomic. It's clear the reviewer wants to piggyback off of another comic reviewer on this site and has put in no effort past the format. Please, take a few weeks to learn good webcomics from bad. One Over Zero can be found at , and a beginneer's guide to what makes a webcomic bad can be found at , which does not state anywhere that original sprites and fourth wall awareness is bad, and also states that ripping sprites is a very big mistake. If you've actually taken the time to read this counter-review and are considering this, Mr. Fan, thank you. Poor reviewers only mean that poor creators don't realize what they do wrong.
Review AHC1
Heres my review of aware!!!!Leave your suggestions for comics or games you want me to review below.As always,stay awesome possums!!!!
October 17th, 2017
@SonicFan2002: yeah i'd like a burger extra dip
October 17th, 2017
Hi!!!!I'm sonicfan.I hope you enjoy the reviews
October 17th, 2017
*gulp*I'll try my best..
October 17th, 2017
Why?XD I like Sonic Auther Zone I think you'd like my review:)
dont review sonic author zone