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by glitter-gutts
Felicity Feline feels like she's got it rough. Her best friend moved away, her classmates either ignore or abuse her, her family doesn't care that she exists. Whens she's given the chance to escape into another world of demons and monsters, will she take it?
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Felicity Feline feels like she's got it rough. Her best friend moved away, her classmates either ignore or abuse her, her family doesn't care that she exists. Whens she's given the chance to escape into another world of demons and monsters, will she take it?

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September 29th, 2018
Well, what can I say. I know it's been freaking forever. I never wanted to be the kind of person who starts a project like this and abandons it, or becomes extremely irregular. However, life beat me up real bad this year. I had big changes in my long-term relationship, I had medical problems, I ended up moving across the country, and my laptop died and I lost all my writing and planning for Purrgatory. I know that's a lot of excuses, but I really feel like things got too out of control for me to be able to keep up with writing and drawing a comic.

I thought when my laptop died, maybe I should just give up on it. Maybe it was a sign that my ideas and art were bad. It had been so long since I'd updated anyway, that no one would care anymore. However I feel now like I can't give up. Even if no one does care, and it's silly, Purrgatory has been in my brain for four years. The characters and setting are really important to me. I'm working on writing more right now (by hand! geez!), and will be back soon.

I'm trying to think positive. My art has improved a LOT in the time I've been gone from here, so much so that I can't even look at the first three chapters anymore. I might even redo them later on, after I have new chapters to share. I really feel like it'll be a lot better when I start drawing it again, and I'm excited.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for sticking around if you're here. I hope you'll like what I have to share in the future :)
No, I haven't abandoned Purrgatory! But I have gone far longer than I intended to without updating it. I never wanted to be inconsistent with my comics, I realize it's probably cost me a lot of the few readers I have, and I feel bad about it. So, I figured I should give an explanation.

In January I felt like I needed a break from art, I was feeling really burnt out and had just started a new job. I was planning on only stepping away for a little while. Then in the first week of February, my very long-term boyfriend got offered a new job in the DC area. He decided that when he moved for it in April, he did not want me to come and would not be continuing our relationship.

This was devastating to me, to say the least. Out of nowhere, I lost my plans for the future, and the person I've built my life around, with no warning. I don't need to get into details here, but needless to say I've had very little desire or energy to work on anything creative. But I haven't given up on art or comics! Hopefully in April I will manage to revive Purrgatory, along with my will to live, haha!
January 22nd, 2018
In the past, I've managed to stick to a m/w/f update schedule pretty well. But right now, I can't keep up with that. I'm having some extreme stress in my personal life, and I can't keep consistent at the moment. I'll update as often as I can--at least once a week--but keeping on top of the comic schedule as well as everything else is too much right now. I'm sorry, and thank you for understanding ;A;
January 19th, 2018
oh jeez thats the face of someone who has no fucks
I'm back from my break! Will resume updating M/W/F. Thanks!
December 21st, 2017
Name: Desdemona (Mona)
Species: ???
Occupation: Adoring girlfriend
Fashion Sense: Wednesday Addams
Personality: Sarcastic n sweet
Favorite Things: Chaz, learning new things, Chaz, meditation, Chaz
December 13th, 2017
Name: Chastain (Chaz)
Species: Goat demon
Occupation: Burnout
Fashion Sense: Dumpster grunge
Personality: Crude and foul-mouthed with a heart of gold
Favorite Things: Weed, titties, junk food, Mona
Name: Felicity Feline
Species: Cat
Occupation: Runaway high school student
Fashion Sense: Nonexistent
Personality: Morose pushover
Favorite Things: Anime, jpop, depressing poetry, the color purple
Here we go! Chapter 2 of my comic is done. I'll be taking a break to both get chapter 3 ready and to get through the holidays, but if all goes well it'll return in exactly a month--on the first of the new year! In the meantime, I'll try to post some little things here (like character profiles) to keep y'all from losing interest. See you soon! Thanks for reading!
November 22nd, 2017
I can't tell you how glad I am to finally paint something other than a blue and black background

No update on Friday, out of town for the holiday, but I'll be back as usual on Monday!
November 15th, 2017
hmmm i dunno seems kinda gay
November 13th, 2017
it's b&w for a reason. i didn't just get lazy. it's called a thematic callback, look it up!!!!
November 3rd, 2017
late update!
I was out of town over Halloween for 5 days and wasn't able to get all three pages for the week done...updates will continue m/w/f per usual next week. Thanx