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Follow the adventures of the GGs as they delve into the new world that Tokyo-to has to offer! Firstly this is a Fancomic of the late game Jet Set Radio Future and is in NO way intended to sell. Unless Sega wants to pick this up which would be AWESOME.

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Oof.... yo-yo lookin hot🔥
an actual pizza guy finally
Yaaii this is getting so exciting :D
You are doing the good lords work. Awesome content
My bad!
Lots of things really held me from getting this page out. Sorry and thank you to all the patient readers!
I love this comic
I appreciate the hard work yall are doing. Thank you and keep it up!
great stuff
nice stuff man! keep up the good work. can't wait to see how this will progress!
Nice, i keep wanting more
This comic is super sick! It's cool to see someone's take on a series that deserves more attention and love than it gets. I'm really curious to see where things go from here
Great work. Cant wait for more.
Thank you! There's definitely more to come!
it looks awesome dude
great comic.cant wait for more.
Fight Club!!!
Sorry for the inconsistency, hope this page shows a months worth of effort. I'm going through some things IRL so the process has been on a slowburn. Gonna take a quick break from the comic so my Co-writer and I can scare up some character bios to keep you readers in the know! ~ More to come
I'm glad you like It! There's plenty more of this to come! And hang out at some time it's an awesome radio station!
This is such a coincidence to find this comic since I was just playing JSR a couple days ago. This is pretty good so far. Makes me wish Sega would hurry up and revive this series already!
Sorry for the wait, I'll try to bring faster updates >.<
Lol yup, I'm just getting started!