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Path of Blood - Book of Shadows

Nyquist, a Paladin on his way to Wyrmrest Temple, gets lost in a snowstorm and is attacked by a big pack of worgs. He is rescued by Junre, a Death Knight, who has a strange aura around him and a past he doesn't remember.

Set during Wrath of the Lich King.


Recent Comments

@sstogner1: Thank you! :)
She's beautiful!
Shez'raa is not "the fabulous" for nothing :)
@Agra: Hahahaha, I loved it and I must say I can totally see that!
@sstogner1: Yes, yes, he is kind of fed up xD
@Moondragon: Hahahaha thanks! :D
LOL! You can hear the eye roll!
I love it too. He's hilarious!
He is overly dramatic as well and he loves it.

Also I managed to update twice in a week, yay!
I suppose Nyquist will have some unfortunate "accident" where his recently mended cloak gets torn again.

"Junre, give me your cloak, mine is torn."
"But I thought it was fixed."
*Nyquist stabs his cloak full holes*
"Oh noo..."
*Nyquist wraps himslef in Junre's cloak*
"What was that?"
@sstogner1: Hahaha thanks :)
@seethingsavage: He didn't want to say it so obviously but Menes fixed that :))))
Too cute.
When you’re not ready to give your bf back his hoodie 😤😤✨
Of course he does it on purpose and is also remorseless.
@Tram: Thanks a lot! <3

Hahaha, I love Jake Peralta to pieces in fact and he's one of my role models when designing Nyquist's personality :)
This is so good that I'm squeling from delight!
Also, I just have to say that Nyquist in the last panel reminds me of Jake Peralta from Brooklyn 99 going "Cool, cool, cool, coooool"
@Shabby: Hey, I'm glad you liked it! Thanks a lot for this comment, it really made my day and I hope the story won't dissapoint! <333
I just found this comic and I must say, this is great!
I like the story and the art and the feels. These two are such a lovely pairing and I'm now a devoted follower of this story.
Keep up the good work!