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Path of Blood - Book of Shadows

Nyquist, a Paladin on his way to Wyrmrest Temple, gets lost in a snowstorm and is attacked by a big pack of worgs. He is rescued by Junre, a Death Knight, who has a strange aura around him and a past he doesn't remember.

Set during Wrath of the Lich King.


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@shaliara: No, it's cool. Like, everyone screwed it here, but they got the worst part =-="
@Cazadora: You had one job, Arthas!
@Xabel Mind: I wanted to make them a bit gore-y ^^;
@YaoiGirl09: Yes, yes it is!
Dammit, Arthas, DAMMIT
Oh, those two without half the face... o-o
... and then the Fire Nat... I mean The Lich King attacked.
That was a "last air bender" reference right?
@shaliara: xD gotta be quicker.
@DoodleDapp: Thank you, I wanted to make her pretty and happy.

Also daaamn you said the EXACT SAME comment I wanted to post in the next page xDDDD
@YaoiGirl09: I wanted to make her so, thank you! :)
She's so pretty. "He looked so differnet then, then the fire nation attacked." (I couldn't help myself. XD)
She's Soo pretty all dolled up
@shaliara: Why? For leaking up? Oh, no, for the liking -face palm- It's late, I need rest... ,X'D
@Xabel Mind: Thanks a lot! :)
@shaliara: pshhh same thing :3 but interesting
I love this page so much <3 Cause I have the same feeling of the phantom, being leaking up, specially in the top of the head XD O-O