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so ya gave a spider a pen...

just me doodleing whatever popps up in my mind, uploads will be completely inconsistant and content may be disturbing


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Hey! Sorry I haven't been poasting much besides comments, I had a bit of an issue with low motivation and I feel I dissapointed ya guys, I do wanna do larger projects but I need to refine a style that's less winding and stagnation prone

Other than THAT mess, I wish everyone a happy pride month!
October 31st, 2018
Happy Halloween! Aka my favorite holiday!
Vampires are in season right?
August 26th, 2018
Grammar will be the death of me
... You're*

(Sorry for being that person)
August 19th, 2018
June 29th, 2018
bunch of lineless doodles i did, includeing a certan brilliant batrophage, mainly did this as a test for the viability of such a style
June 1st, 2018
Happy pride month! The other flags I couldn't really think of a pose for
First post drawing with autodesk scketchbook rather than krita, hope you enjoy
@Mostly Mad Hatter: thanks! i personally like it being rather flexible, ble to be adorible and wtf depending on my subject
The way you draw is very surreal.

cool o.o
@artofjoe: no joke i actually drew a fan character thats a spider (unsurprisingly)
@creca: Maybe... The big head with lots of eyes make me think of a jumping spider or something. Hahaha, it's too bad we can't see it. :(
@artofjoe: true, but at least with stuff like the mantis lord they are doing it as a sort of test or worried about what you will become, also the hunter more so reminds me of an assassin bug, the species that puts ant corpses on it, or the one that uses dust clumps for camo

edit: ok, took a second look, i can see the resemblence in eye count, but in limb count and habits it screams assassin bug, that and many bugs in game have multi eyes
@creca: Ohhh, okay, I can see why as a spider fan you'd like a spider to be good. :/ I myself theorize that The Hunter (character) is a spider or some other arachnid, but you never know. Very few of the bugs in that game are not trying to kill you though.
@artofjoe: mainly the fact i only see ennimys showing up, whereas most other insects appear neutral or allied but testing unless you count the moths, again, going off a limited wikiwalk
@creca: Oh, lol. I know what an arachnid is, I was more asking what it is specifically that you dislike about their portrayal. Just because I'm curious.
@artofjoe: how spiders are portrayed, or scorpions, usually spiders though, although google image search could be lying to me as i couldnt find much, did find a wiki artical on a minor spider enemy but thats about it
@creca: depiction of arachnids? :/ Whassthatmean?