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Silvertheumbreons art dump

We're all my crappy art lives

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I believe in u,,,
AHHHHHHHH I'm almost there!!!!!!!!! Trying to complete the ultra pokedex is a pain especially for the Pokemon that needs to be traded, I only done a bit of them and still have a lot more to do, but I've almost finished it.

I just hope i will have the dedication to continue my goal.
June 11th, 2019
Ooo, this looks pretty neat-o
Ehh, I'm starting to sort of do art on flipnote 3D.
It's my first time doing this on here so it's pretty bad but eh, guess I could learn.
@pixlyJolt: i no got charmz and itz not named anythi ng
What u ton name it
Aka a crit catch
i finished the melemele pokedex! this took so long because before i even decided to actually complete it, i just told myself i'd do it and then give up not even 5 mins later (yes i am very lazy) but when i actually did do it i mostly rely on the GTS, to get the pokemon that i cant get or wont go through the effort to get, and pokescan so i know where to find them. i would also show a pic for proof because i really did do it, but every time i try to put the picture link in, it would disappear some how, so i gave up. when Smackjeeves decide to let me put the link there, then i will show the picture.

just please believe me when i tell you i actually did it.
@WiispNightmare: YES that's what I meant. I forgot what it was called
Critical capture!
Was just randomly levelin some pokes then this stinker showed up. A shiny inkay! But I didn't have any Pokemon that could weaken it or if I used my incineroar I would have killed it, but lucky me that it did that thing we're the ball would shake in the sky and catch it in one spin.

Oof what is my life...
April 12th, 2019
Now I see it, also cute floofer