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Silvertheumbreons art dump

We're all my crappy art lives

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Watch this one first

Then after that watch this to understand
Mimikyu are amazing I approve
This is the best view for now because the lighting and the focus of my tabbjust doesn't want to work with me today
Idk I was bored when I drew this at school so........
Ignore the top right corner of the pic.
This is Jaiden (the one on the right) from Jaiden Animations and James (the one on the left) from TheOdd1sOut.
And apparently they and other animator YouTube's are in this au of undertale. The title of the au is the page name
July 31st, 2018
I guess I made a landscape on flipnote studios. What do u think?
July 23rd, 2018
This is the new meme now. What's going on with the world.
@Gold The Umbreon: ..............wierd
wait your Silver the Umbreon and i'm Gold the Umbreon... um
If I could draw somethin i would but I'm gonna be out on a barbecue with my family and friends so I have no time. Maybe if I get back and it's not to late I'll draw something.
Which one
Is it Nihilego
I have like five rip
@Silvertheumbreon: e x a c t l y
@WiispNightmare: not really
@Silvertheumbreon: okay but he's like
a rooster
let me ask you something, fren

@WiispNightmare: well he is a "bird"