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Infected Blood

Infected Blood

by InfectedBloodComics
The road to glory is paved with personal demise.

There may be NSFW pages, so be warned!
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Infected Blood

The road to glory is paved with personal demise.

There may be NSFW pages, so be warned!

Recent Comments

Here comes a (not-so) philosophical question!
@KariK: I completely agree with you, never do things without putting your heart into it!
I'm keeping at it :)

I guess I can relate to the black & white thing, I like to really focus, get a result I'm really happy with. Before I do something just half-assed, I'd prefer to use that time for something else instead.
Hi, that's some really great news. And have a nice vacation :D
Check it out! I'm not abandoning you :)
@Brother Parvus: "The grave's a fine and private place, / But none, I think, do there embrace."
We're missing the raven, but indeed, so many resounding voices in this cell!
Brother Parvus
June 19th, 2019
Brother Parvus
@InfectedBloodComics: This reminds me of my favorite Peter S. Beagle story, "A Fine and Private Place", but not so sweet.
@Mike: Thank a lot for your understanding and your patience! My wife is at least walking and standing for a couple of hours now, so things are looking up :)
@KariK: Thanks! I had fun drawing her again :)
@KariK: She says "dwa" :)
@KariK: She needs help, but that's hard to come...
Get well soon to your wife! Take all the time you need and don't worry about us!
The image above says it all :(
That one looks cool indeed. And also more badass than on earlier pics.
Happy Birthday Alex :P
"to replace that bolt"-

paranoia paired with memory loss can have some really bad effects indeed D:
I finally moved, but I'm so busy unpacking and turning our new place into an actual house that I just had zero time for my comic. My apologies, I'll do my very best to be back next week :) Thanks for your support!
This week I'm moving out, so I had no time to make a new page. Sorry about that! Enjoy the filler - an image of Shanti from The Green-Eyed Sniper :) I will do my best to be back next Monday. Cheers!