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by LKWayvern
There are many worlds. Similar stories iterated across an infinite multiverse. But this one is rather different. What are the eldritch? How did they come here, and what do they want? Chara and Frisk will come to regret learning the answers, though they do not yet know this. They don't know much at all, right now. Viewer discretion advised, as Eldritchfell is an Undertale AU which contains blood, death, implied sucide, body horror, cosmological horror, and other content readers may find disturbing.
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There are many worlds. Similar stories iterated across an infinite multiverse. But this one is rather different. What are the eldritch? How did they come here, and what do they want? Chara and Frisk will come to regret learning the answers, though they do not yet know this. They don't know much at all, right now. Viewer discretion advised, as Eldritchfell is an Undertale AU which contains blood, death, implied sucide, body horror, cosmological horror, and other content readers may find disturbing.


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September 25th, 2019
Toriel’s lips curled up, her sharp fangs glinting beneath. “You will not…? ...Very well. Then prove it.”

Val’s eyes widened in shock, horror, and confusion, pink firelight flickering off their face as twin fireballs lit in Toriel’s hands. She strode forwards, glaring sternly ahead.

“Prove to me you are strong enough to survive!”
September 22nd, 2019
It was after Dani left, a long time before Chara fell.

“I have seen it happen too many times now.”

But she was beginning to catch on, and so she was not surprised when she found Val by the door, trying to leave.

“They come. They leave. They never return.”

Not surprised, she couldn’t be after recognizing this pattern… but sorrowful and confused.

“They are dead. All of them.”

Why did they have to leave? Was she not enough? Did they not understand the danger that the outside would bring down upon their heads?

“You are no different!”

The child before her grinned.

The girl’s skin was a light brown, eyes reddish-brown, their very dark, curly hair tucked under an orange bandanna. They wore a loose, oversized light blue shirt t-shirst and sturdy dark blue gloves, rubber along the knuckles. Gold stud earrings gleamed amongst her curls.

Val exuded confidence as she smiled, holding up a hand.

“That’s where you’re wrong-- I won’t die! I have a secret superpower!”
September 14th, 2019
Hello, all! I uploaded four new pages, so make sure to check them all out! Than you so much for all comments and support! Hope to see ya soon!
September 14th, 2019
Chara sat sitting in the dark of their room, still glaring down at the floor. Several moments of silence from Frisk had passed. Chara had almost forgot the other child was there, until they spoke again.


Frisk glanced away, speaking slowly and deliberately.

*She does know more about the Underground than either of us, but…

They looked back up at Chara with their bright red eyed through their bangs.

*But… no. No, she doesn’t know about you. And… she knows nothing about me, not even my name.

They smiled, and though unseen and unfelt, held out a hand to Chara.

*...Hey. Okay, so you… don’t like handouts? I… guess I understand that? But maybe you could use… someone watching your back! Keeping an eye out for you! Not like a guardian, but like a… partner?

“A partner?” Chara moved backwards, leaning on their hands and gazing up at the ceiling covered in glow-in-the-dark stars, a slight smile on their lips. “Hm. It would indeed be quite useful.”


“Indeed… partner.”
September 14th, 2019
Dani flailed in Toriel’s iron grip, her feet far from the floor.

“I’m not plain’, I’m gonna go kill the demons!”

Toriel glared, something plaintive and desperate behind her eyes, then turned and swept back up the stairs. Sensing the change in Toriel’s mood, Dani stared up at her with her big green eyes.

“Absolutely not. Dear child, they will sooner kill you.” At the top of the stairs, Toriel carefully placed the girl back on the ground.

Dani stared guiltily down to her shoes a few moments, then grinned back up at the monster. “I… You don’t have ta worry about me, Miss! I’ve got my Narf Blaster! So I can protect myself from scary monsters and demons, see?”
September 14th, 2019
Forrest leaned on the counter on his knuckles. “Maybe I can go check out what they have in stock!”

Toriel’s body language changed almost imperceptibly, eyes narrowing as she looked down at the lump of dough.

“Under no circumstances shall you be leaving this house.” She turned back to Forrest, gesturing wide with her arms as his expression changed. “It is dangerous outside, and protected here-- please, promise me!”


Little orange and yellow sneakers tiptoed down a set of stairs, bright yellow lights blinking at each footfall. A red gloved hand tipped a wide-brimmed hat lower, a grin flashing beneath it, a click emanating from a yellow plastic toy gun’s barrel…

Until strong clawed hand scooped up the little child from under her arms, clutching her to Toriel’s chest.

“Dani, what are you doing? It is not safe to play down here!”


The little girl’s green eyes widened. She had pale white skin, rosy cheeks, nose, and ears, freckles dotting her face. Her messy brown hair was tied back in a braid and tucked under an Indiana Jones style hat. She wore a light yellow shirt, a hoodie in darker and lighter greens, and had a yellow and blue toy gun clutched in her gloved hands, three orange foam darts sticking out of it. She couldn’t have been older than six years old.
September 14th, 2019
The kitchen was painted in warm yellow and light brown shades, creating a homey atmosphere. Toriel turned to face the boy, grinning brightly, in a white and purple dress, and an indigo apron with a Delta Rune symbol emblazoned upon the pocket, fluffy ears tied behind her head and out of her way. Flour coated her hands, scattered across the apron and counter. Upon the counter sat a lump of dough, temporarily abandoned by the tall monster.

“You cok, Forrest?” she asked.

He grinned, rubbing the back of his head. “Well, my apron was in my backpack when I fell down here, so…”

She gave a little bow, bunching up her skirts. “Then it would be a pleasure to have your expert assistance!”


She turned back to the dough on the counter as he strode up next to her, stretching out his arms and rolling up his sleeves.

“Maybe we can try some of my old recipes, and I can even teach you something! I gotta check what ingredients you’ve got here!”

“Certainly, certainly-- we can discuss what you’d like to make later today!”

“By the way, where do you get your ingredients from?”

She began kneading the dough again.

“There is, ah, a small community deeper into the Ruins. It possesses a general store which I frequent.”
September 2nd, 2019
Chara sat on the bed, glaring down at the floor. Even if they could have been seen, Frisk felt Chara would ignore them too. They knelt on the bed just behind the other child, unseen.

Still, they asked.


There were a few more long moments of silence before they spoke, teeth gritted and hands clenched into fists.

“...You asked why I came to this mountain.”

*We don’t have to talk about it now…

“No. You’ll just keep asking.

“I wanted power. I wanted magic. Where I grew up, I had… neither. I hate it when other people make decisions for me. I don’t want to rely on some stranger for ‘protection’. I don’t want someone yelling that they know what’s best for me.

“She is a stranger, Frisk.

“She met me not two hours ago! We shared a laugh over some trashy puns. She knows I never get to pick the flavors I most enjoy. But she doesn’t know me, or who I am! She doesn’t know what’s best for me, I do. And I want power so people can’t touch me, can’t control me, can’t hurt me!”


...It had been a few years since the young girl had left, when another human fell into the Ruins. A black boy, perhaps sixteen, with dark eyes and dreadlocs and vitiligo spots trailing from his left eye down that side of his face, down his neck. He dressed in yellows and greens and dark jeans, a gold earring in his right ear, and a bright, warm smile like the sun the monsters had long ago lost. He hung onto the wall, peering into Toriel’s kitchen.

“Oh, Toriel, I had an idea for dinner sometime!”
August 29th, 2019
Toriel held out the bowl, a variety of wrapperless candies in varying shades of purple within it.

“It looks like- like-- like jelly beans!” The girl exclaimed. She picked two candies out of the bowl, popping them into her mouth, and then grinning up at Toriel.

“It is jelly beans! May I have more please?”

Toriel smiled warmly. “Certainly. And in a few hours, I can prepare you a more filling meal.”

Toriel turned and began to exit the room. The girl trotted up to her, grabbing onto one of her thick fingers and walking alongside her.

“Ma-macaroni and cheese, please?”

“Hee, it shall be a surprise, dear child.”

“My-- my name’s Azure!”

“A pleasure to meet you, Azure. My name is Toriel.”

“Your ears look fluffy! Are you a bunny?”
August 29th, 2019
@jellyfishin: Think chewier and mostly purple, but basically that too.
Admittedly I have not had the bites, just the ones that last a long time.
August 28th, 2019
That candy description makes me think that monster candy is the monster equivalent of Jolly Rancher Sour Bites.
August 28th, 2019
Toriel knelt down, a violet fire dancing about her fingertips and across the young girl’s ankle. A strange lightness and warmth entered her body, and she gasped, flexing her foot slightly.

“I-it hurts less now!”

Toriel stood up and smiled kindly, placing a hand upon a pedestal in the center of the room, a bowl placed in the center of it.

“There is a candy bowl for all in this room-- if you should like some, you may take from it.”

The girl’s face practically lit up, bouncing on the balls of her feet. “What-- what kind of candy? Is it-- do you have-- May I have lollipops please, ma’am?”

“It is monster candy.”

“What’s monster can-candy like?”

“Hmm… it is sweet, with a touch of sourness, chewy, and comes in a variety of lovely colors.”
August 25th, 2019
The human clutched at their wooden toy sword, stalking through the strange Ruins as quietly as they could, their hazel eyes wide as saucers and darting around with obvious fear.

They heard a soft shhhhh-ing sort of noise in a room, like something being poured from one container to another, and peered into the room, only to see… A large anthropomorphic white-furred goat monster with horns, wearing a silver headpiece, a dark blue cloak, and a purple and gold dress. Her back was to the young girl at first, pouring something from a bag into a bowl, then she turned, her red-violet eyes widening in surprise.

“Ah--? Oh my.” She had a deep, resonant voice. “Forgive me, I was not expecting--”

But all the young child could see were the fangs, the horns and she screamed, thrusting out the toy sword between herself and the monster.

The monster bent down a little, holding out her arms in a pacifying gesture.

“No, no, shhh… I will not harm you, dear child. Are you hurt?”

The child’s throat seemed to close up. “I-- D-d-d-demo-- d-demon! Don-- don’t h-hurt me, p-plea- please--”

The monster put a hand to her chest. “I swear I would never, innocent one. My name is Toriel Vermeil, are you injured.”

The girl began to lower the toy sword, lip trembling. “I-- I--... h-hurt my ankle… It hurts bad… M-miss Toriel.”
August 14th, 2019
Hello all! Pages 5-10 went up today! Thank you for your continued support, I do hope you enjoy reading! ^^
August 14th, 2019
Toriel clutched her heart locket. Pleading with Chara now.

“This is for your own good. I know what’s best for you, why do you refuse to see that? You know nothing about this world and will die without a protector! Just let me protect you, Chara!”

“I don’t want your protection!” Chara turned, running to the room Toriel had provided for them, passing Frisk.

Back in the living room, Toriel leaned on the table, looking down.

Finally allowing herself to cry, and to remember.

...A human had fallen in the Ruins. A sweet little thing no older than six, thin with pale white skin, brown hair kept in place by a ribbon, pink and white sweater, overalls, and mismatched socks. A little wooden toy sword fallen next to her. Her sobs and whimpers echoed down the corridors of the Ruins, as she held herself and trembled.
August 14th, 2019
“Then why not come with me, so that you can protect me! Why not fix the problems yourself if they will no!?”

“And abandon any child who falls here to the mercy of the flower beast!?”

Too loud. Too much shouting. Frisk hated shouting. They needed to get out.

“Kill the fucking flower beast!”

“Chara, language.

They left the room, back into the entryway, hugging their own chest and looking down.

They could still faintly hear the argument.

“Just kill it and be done with it!”

When something caught their attention. A railing, stairs descending into a dark basement.

“So if you’re that useless proctecting anyone from the flower beast, why even pretend to try?”

Frisk approached the basement, the argument seeming to fade from their ears as they approached and peered into the darkness.

“I will not abandon them, or you. I must try.”

Back in the living room, Chara pointed a finger at Toriel. “You’re a hypocrite! You didn’t even try to reason with your king, did you!? You abandoned your subjects! Those who trusted you and looked to you for guidance! No wonder they’re so desperate now, you abandoned then for the demons who trapped them down here!”

“The children who fell are the descendants of our jailers… Innocent children! They should not be executed for the crimes of their forebears, which they had nothing to do with! But the monsters of the present are the ones committing and rejoicing in the crimes I abandoned them for!”
August 14th, 2019
They were yelling. Chara had been agitated, that Toriel had spoken louder, and now Chara was yelling.

“But why are you here? You’re queen of monsters, not humans! You’re supposed to be defending monsters! If you stayed there you could have… passed a law or something! But instead you’re just giving me vague threats! That won’t stop me from leaving!”

Frisk hated yelling. No one could see them, Chara probably won’t listen. They pressed their hands over their ears, huddling their wings around themself, but it didn’t help. They heard every work.

“You will not be leaving here, Chara.”

“I will if I want!”

Toriel bared her teeth. “NO! You will die! This is the only place where I retain any power! My former subjects, and former husband, refuse to listen to me any longer. They are desperate, and desperate monsters reject reason in favor of foolish stopgap solutions, leaving the true problem to fester like a sore.

You cannot speak reason with them. They do not want the best solution, only the fastest.

You cannot fight them. You are a child, fifteen or otherwise, and there are many more of them than there are of you! You will stay here, where it’s safe, where I can protect you!”
August 14th, 2019
Images flashed through Toriel’s mind-- blood dripping from a little brown-haired girl’s mouth, she couldn’t have been more than six. Her paws coated in dust as she clutched a little white heart locket.

Her paws clenched into fists. “A child your age should not have to hear of the things I have seen and experienced.” Trying to keep her tone level and calm.

Chara wasn’t trying to bring up those horrible memories, they were simply a confused, terrified, and curious child after all. They she hoped soon Chara would grow to trust her soon.

Chara glared at her. “I am not a child. I’m fifteen years old. I’ve seen plenty of things children should not see, especially today.”

“And I am four hundred years old. I have lived through things no one should have to, regardless of age.”

“So you are a boss monster, right?”


She grit her teeth, standing up and planting her hands on the table. “Yes, I am the former Queen of the Monsters of Ebott’s Range. Former wife of King Asgore Dreemurr. I left that behind. However, I did not give up that responsibility on a whim. I did this for you, and the other human children who fell into the Underground. All of them fell. All of them stayed, for a time. And they all always left… and were killed.

By them.

By the Eldritch, and by Asgore and his Royal Guard.”
August 14th, 2019
Chara’s eyes narrowed as if they’d forced Toriel into a confession. “Old enough to remember the War of Ruination?”

Toriel remained calm. “Yes, though I do not like to. Times are bad now, but there were far worse then…”

“Are you Queen Toriel Dreemurr!? From the legends?”

Toriel’s eyes narrowed. “I am Toriel. Merely an old woman who lives in the Ruins.”

Chara spread out their arms. “Why are you here?”

“What do you mean?”

“You-- you’re a queen, right? Why are you living in a tiny house in some Ruins, taking in strange humans? The enemy? What happened to the king? Where are the rest of the monsters?”

“Chara, I really don’t think this is appropriate dinner conversation. It is the distant past, and not particularly pleasant.” She scrunched her brows in thought, then perked up again grinning almost desperately. “Oh, I was reading an interesting book on snails earlier! Did you know--”

“You are changing. The topic,” Chara said, tone growing irritated.
August 13th, 2019
Image Description: The living room was cozy, with several bookshelves, a well-kept fireplace, a cozy armchair, and a well-built dining wooden dining room table, three matching chairs around it. The warm yellow walls gave this place a happy and welcoming atmosphere, and Frisk could imagine a loving family growing up in it, spending time here. Toriel, standing at the table, ready to serve a delicious dinner. Her son, Asriel, pulling at her dress and trying to get her attention. And… she must have had a husband too, right? Frisk barely thought they could recall a burly goatlike man with a blond mane of hair. What would he be like?

Where were they now?

“Would you like something different to eat, Chara?”

Frisk was roused from their daydreams by Toriel’s voice. Chara was presently picking at a quiche with snails within it, leaning their head on their hand and their elbows on the table.

“No. No, the pie is delicious… Toriel,” they said, flatly.

“I understand that today has been very stressful with many changes, but you need to eat to keep your energy up, Chara.”

Chara poked around their food a few moments longer, then set their fork down. They had questions, and wouldn’t be able to focus until they had received answers.

“How long have you been here? Taking in humans who fall into the mountain?”

Toriel’s drifted away. “Quite a while. I am very old.”