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Love Me Charming

Lisa is a 29-year-old office lady who never had a relationship in her entire life. In desperation, she goes to a witch for a love potion and accidentally spills it on herself! The next day, all the guys in the office are in love with her except her boss!?


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o-o Well, personally, I don't like the smell of flowers in a funeral.
Sends shivers up my spine. Eek. xD
anything but the flower-scented potion... xD
Missed page?
From now on, (when I upload) I upload 2 at the same time! >:D
Just letting you all know in case of any confusion!
Uploading 2 pages from now on!
I'm way behind on uploading, so I will upload 2 pictures when I do upload! Just letting you all know in case there is any confusion about missing pages or misunderstandings. :D
The "stink" since it's a "scented" love potion, and her goal of wanting a boyfriend no matter who it is :P
and finally! the main guy of the story LOL =_=;
Love me baby! >w< LOL
Maybe age 29 isn't so bad... xDD
for freedom and justice!! >:D
Weeee get chased by guys!
(She should be happy all the guys like her though... LOL)
Just the cover.
Just cuz.