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How to Solve the Crimes

Detective Mavis, who is also a dolphin, solves the crimes that haunt the town of "This is a City-Town".

Updatin' M & F

Also hey anyone who comes here from the webtoon!

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@artofjoe: They're definitely the hardest to write
February 11th, 2019
Mr Ascot and the Corn Bois are probably my favorite characters.
Everyone knows it takes more than a pretty clear death scene to take out a villain in this universe

EDIT: ALSO I'm gonna be traveling now through next week and forgot to do buffer >.<

I'll miss Monday but Friday's update will be worth the wait I the promise y'all.

Total side note, finished up a some music for another animated movie I'm working on, check it out if you're into that ^.^
Of course!
Dragon owners go through this all the time
What a page... full of difficult things to draw
Steve is always doing that thing, man
@artofjoe: They have other places where they are needed while also on fire
Oh waow
Sticking to the important details
Dragons are magical creatures
Lil' reminder/shameless plug...

You can see these two in a movie I made last year here:

(This is the last time I'm plugging this, I promise :D... But I will never cease to post links to purchase our awesome book, on Amazon now here: )
Anime girl transformation.
can't stay and chat when you've got work for the working men to do.
I think that bear needs a coffee.
No explosion, no tip
Mavis' plan is to just walk around and have things happen. It's usually pretty effective
Always business with these two
Always tip folks, except when they burn everything you own, then you don't need to unless they do a really good job of it
The classic Poke the face, Bob Ross also to the face