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How to Solve the Crimes

Follow thrilling tales of crime slueth Mavis, who is also a dolphin, as she uncovers the mysteries that haunt the town of "This is a City-Town".

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Lol. I'm intrigued~
Haha, for a cute little guy he has one dirty mouth
Oh No Robbers, 2
Speaking of Shirty T's
You can now purchase the official How to Solve the Crimes T-shirt at my Amazon store!! (only available in size 87 vnecks)
This Must be the T-Shirt Store
(Naive Melody)
Mavis' phone requires the added antennae as the lead bricks she carries in her bag block most signals
Mavis believes in carrying with oneself all that one might want in any given 3 hour period
Mr Scarf is very cute
The real book is available for purchase on my Amazon Store
See link below for the book if you're interested
This is not proper library etiquette, please tip your librarians at least 20% before making such requests
Meet Mavis
She enjoys book
This is a really inconvenient day for everyone involved
This is standard procedure
This is Mr Scarf
He will soon be greatly inconvenienced
This is Mavis
She solves the crimes.
How Inconvient
I apologize for my friend's vulgar word spatters, he is being highly inconvenienced at the moment :(
Oh No Robbers
This is Mr Scarf, his house is being robbed.