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How to Solve the Crimes

Detective Mavis, who is also a dolphin, solves the crimes that haunt the town of "This is a City-Town".

Updatin' M & F

Also hey anyone who comes here from the webtoon!

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@awsmith: OH THANK :D

Glad you enjoyed it, it's a ball to make! And yeah, a mixture of studies, friends and being somewhat well traveled me ha enseñado un poquito.
This bizarre little world you've created is wonderful. Great colors, funny dialogue; y tambien hablas espanol? Yeah you've got one more fan.
You know how most funny things on the internet just sort of make you exhale sharply out of your nostrils? This actually got an audible laugh from me. Love it when that happens
Thank you for writing this! It's great!
Mr Ascot can't compete against the system, their detective is just too smart.
YYYYY asi se termina el capítulo!

Thanks for following this comic y'all, it's a silly thing but I really do enjoy making this :)

That said, Mavis'll taking a bit of a break for the next month or so for personal reasons (moving, starting new job, etc). Already have most of chapter 3 written and I'm really itching to get started on it once I'm back :D

Take care!
Gotta be blunt
By "jail" the captain is referring to the town's "Room where we put people who commit the crimes that we don't lock because Darryl broke the lock so please don't just leave if we put you in here" room.

It's a fool proof system.
@artofjoe: Dude, if I knew I'd tell ya haha
@IDONTKNOWCORP: How did he turn back into blue by throwing his shades off?!
I'm almost sorry.
@IDONTKNOWCORP: Lol, don't worry, patience is worth it for this one.
I think this is a universal struggle we can all identify with.
OH NO I FUDGED! I was informed that I'd missed Friday's update after my mail delivery person filed a complaint due to the shear volume of letters from enraged fans to my personal address box mail device.

Please stop sending the anger letters, my box can only hold like 6 more before it is not able to hold more. Also it's feelings are hurting from all the anger :(
The captain is very thorough
he looks like finn the human... Also, this page is hilarious!
@artofjoe: She's off the clock, dude! If she wants to be hasty on her own time it's her biz haha
@IDONTKNOWCORP: she should take her job seriously, people could end up having their lives ruined if she guesses wrong.
Sooo so so many kudos to those who know this fine doctor be.
Mavis is hasty when there's food and/or edible suspects involved