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I'm a Monster - Season 1

I'm a Monster follows the misadventures of Annie and Victoria, two best friends who try to live a "normal" life in their odd and chaotic world full of monsters.


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April 18th, 2018
Ug, I can just imagine how awkward it is walking in on some strangers doing it in your house
March 24th, 2018
*borks in anger*
This is why I hate Pokémon Go just like i teen titans go
Spongebob anyone
What's that?
Yay to the gays I'm not gay i just support them
I feel like this is Stitch like character
Mini ladd would so proud of you
*eye roll* wow real creative with the name
Twilight all over again
Erma does it better
Called it
You mean Mario ignore the last comment
A hornless alicorn encounter
Whoops wrong table
I got a silver bullet and a gun to end the date quickly *slides the loaded gun over* here you go
March 7th, 2018
@ZeevaWyte: Me too