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I'm a Monster

I'm a Monster follows the misadventures of Annie and Victoria, two best friends who try to live a "normal" life in their odd and chaotic world full of monsters.


Recent Comments

A nice note to end it on! Poor Henry.
September 16th, 2018
Ah! I remember this from my time of deviantart. This comic always made my day.
End Season 1
And thus ends Season 1 of I'm a Monster.
Oh no hes dead
Well at least I know he didn't breath fire on the camera 😁
Just called Lucfier
And then he died
Mewhen I waiting for my food but patience increasing as time goes on
Inklings watch with popcorn in one hand and thier phone in the other
Therunawayguys beat you to that joke
Ball ball ball ball
How romantic
May 23rd, 2018
Oh no poor octopus man
Who is Sam?
April 18th, 2018
Ug, I can just imagine how awkward it is walking in on some strangers doing it in your house
March 24th, 2018
*borks in anger*
This is why I hate Pokémon Go just like i teen titans go