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What's Your Damage

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Sigh! What are the odds of escaping that shit without anyone following you! Cool story.
Great parenting. LOL!
xD haha I'm glad ya like it! qwq
That 9th panel gives me endless amusement XDDDD
“FUCK!” <:0
@FrostedCanid: You are very welcome! cx
I just put it up here a couple days ago actually! ^^
Aaa thank you! ;u;
Strange, this keeps happening xD
Ahh sorry about that, it's fixed now!
Thank you so much! :'
this is pure and amazing and i love it
Image not available? :(
Didn't realize What's Your Damage was on Smackjeeves! Added to my favorites. So love this comic by the way. cx
More expositionnnn~ :'

Uh-oh Nim, what're you doin' (coined phrase for this comic it seems)

Anyway, first page of the new year! Woot! : D Which technically late since I missed last Friday sorry! :'
Explaining the nibble thing-my younger dog does it to my older one and then sneezes into her cheek at the end to finish screwing up her fur xD
(To be weird? Obnoxious? Demanding? the world may never know)
Uh oh Nim, what're you thinking.
Is the image not there? Says it's not available.