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Bad Luck Game Show

A normal guy named Robert and a magician named Blair team up to perform impossible magic shows and game shows, finding fun and entertainment in things like getting eaten by zombies or being turned into bugs.
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@StanleyComics: well, liking to fight someone isn't really all that embarrassing or weird, so he has no trouble admitting that. in fact, by the end of the fight, he'll probably act like it wasn't fun...
i mean who wouldnt love a candy duel cmon
Robert is full of bad luck indeed
trickster mode...

The outfits are fabulous! Robert looks like some kind of candy superhero, lol
Can't wait for more! :3
id be happy too by golly
wdf is going on o-o
This looks like it'd be really fun, if crazy and unpredictable XD
Pfffff, and the games get more and more insane xD
look on the bright side. now you know a ton of useless candy trivia anyway.
Better prepare some spicy comments!
well aint that convenient.
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: i'm really happy to hear that you used one of these cards!! thank you!
I used the first card, since it's really fitting for an actual valentine card.