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Bad Luck Game Show

A normal guy named Robert and a magician named Blair team up to perform impossible magic shows and game shows, finding fun and entertainment in things like getting eaten by zombies or being turned into bugs.
(Uploads Wednesdays at 12 PM)


Recent Comments

Oh so that's We'rewolves.
Cue to Blair turning Robert into a werewolf?
it really was gay baby jail
Cmon now Blair #2, you're training to be a Robert so hate what Robert hate.
Act more gloomy Blair #2, that's how you become Robert
pfft nice try lol
i have been reading with such anticipation to where this is heading
This lands a pole in my deepest part of heart, and gave me a heartache.
He's lucky to have a purpose.
Blair clone... buddy... no...
Seems Robert is the one taking the toll.
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: no they're basically completely separate. it's sort of just a copy of blair except they're more open to suggestion because they're supposed to learn to copy robert.
Will this be kind of a kagebunshin like clone, where the knowledge of one can be shared to the other clones, and/or the main person?
God it really is Blair's clone
Finally Robert is given a little rest, or is he?
I'm starting to think Robert wants the first two.
Prolly a fetish?
Darn I'm itching for some "hypnosis-based tentacle monster transformation ASMR"
Also relatable I can't stand ASMR lol
Number 6 is sex probably... idk what number 4 is though
However the conversation may end, Robert wil end up getting stuck on Blair's schemes anyways