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Bad Luck Game Show

A normal guy named Robert and a magician named Blair team up to perform impossible magic shows and game shows, finding fun and entertainment in things like getting eaten by zombies or being turned into bugs.


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///i get the joke now X'D
If it's spider... I will not be pleased...
Dis is xander: THERE IS GONNO BE A GIANT MONSTER :O!?!?!?!?!?
Love this comic
@Bad Luck: i know whatcha mean it can be hard to make the time to focus on something even if you really enjoy doin' it. always come here at noon to see the updates, lookin forward to the winding roads this story will take. knowing you i have no doubt it'll continue to be unique and interesting!
It is something undescribable Blair 2.0..
I've been rather quiet for a while! I realize that. I didn't make any big announcement on the one year anniversary or anything. I've realized that for now I can't focus so heavily on this comic all the time, so I ended up making a really big queue and this is the first time in a long time that I've been drawing new pages. You can probably tell that it looks a little cleaner.
But anyway, even if this comic hasn't become anything big yet (though I'll probably properly advertise it again sometime in the future) I've really appreciated what I have now. I'd like to thank everyone who's stuck around with it, and especially the people who have commented or messaged me about it.
I just feel like I need to say that.
Anyway, tomorrow is my birthday. Which isn't really relevant, but it's funny that I ended up making this message the day before then. Makes it feel more significant. And less like this was just some arbitrary day that I decided to say all of this.
Cue to Blair v1.1 actually reading Robert's mind
thats a wierd way to say date me
Robert is losing his mind and I like how you portray it
"Because you're acting too much like Blair"
That name will go down in the history of repetitive names, like Francisco Franco and James Jameson
Me as a parent lol
Lol 11/10 parents
Weird flex but ok
Oh so that's We'rewolves.
Cue to Blair turning Robert into a werewolf?
it really was gay baby jail
Cmon now Blair #2, you're training to be a Robert so hate what Robert hate.
Act more gloomy Blair #2, that's how you become Robert