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Bad Luck Game Show

A normal guy named Robert and a magician named Blair team up to perform impossible magic shows and game shows, finding fun and entertainment in things like getting eaten by zombies or being turned into bugs.
(Uploads Wednesdays at 12 PM)


Recent Comments

However the conversation may end, Robert wil end up getting stuck on Blair's schemes anyways
Allow me to explain. *clears throat* ... MAGICCCCCCC!
Robert is actually having chills down his spine.
I can't wait to see what these two come up with for a next show! I've enjoyed this comic so much so far
Next panel gonna be like :
"Oh we can't do with spiders, but we can do a show with tarantulas, of course."
Bro offstage during the last panel : "don't tell me what not to do yo"
Psychic broddha ftw brah
i'm loving this so far. so his brother Might be psychic or something and robert is wondering about his beard.
What a horrible bro
His brother is psychic!!! o.o
Well, then.
Ohhhh, backstory!
Well, Blair has some right to it. Too simple, too usual, or too complicated would make a show bad.
Blair starts running wild like an overfed turbodiesel
The last one is a great idea xD
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: the answer to that is gonna be pretty obvious if it isn't already. blair is uh... sort of pushing the limit as far as the implications i'll allow in this without marking the comic as adult.
Finally something else
Yaay nice to see there's going to be a next time
Can't wait for the upcoming show xD