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Bad Luck Game Show

A normal guy named Robert and a magician named Blair team up to perform impossible magic shows and game shows, finding fun and entertainment in things like getting eaten by zombies or being turned into bugs.
(Uploads Wednesdays at 12 PM)


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Blair starts running wild like an overfed turbodiesel
The last one is a great idea xD
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: the answer to that is gonna be pretty obvious if it isn't already. blair is uh... sort of pushing the limit as far as the implications i'll allow in this without marking the comic as adult.
Finally something else
Yaay nice to see there's going to be a next time
Can't wait for the upcoming show xD
they're right about that
Ahh I see, took a while but I understand that now
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: that's how their thought process works. in their mind, everything after the initial inspiration is obvious (giving people food -> the food should be connected to the show -> then robert should be the food -> then the food should be something with an interesting texture -> turn robert into ice cream). they're assuming the audience will fill in the details automatically, so to them, it's a perfectly understandable answer
Blair's answer to that question doesn't feel connected to the actual question. Though, people do tend to lean towards free food more.
Mmm, one guy here.
Blair must've had a gazillion years worth of freetime then.
Even without coloring thw quality remains largely the same, hooray for continuation.
A lot of stopped comics are being re-continued this May, sure is a great month
"that's a bit unfair to the person eating you" after your long hiatus, you still hit bizarre comedy gold. thoroughly impressive.
I wonder how many people are going to state the obvious here.
Finally done with that long hiatus! I'm sorry to sacrifice some quality and stop coloring it, but there was absolutely no way I was going to get around to cleaning things up without a huge burst of motivation, and I'm sort of tired of waiting for that motivation. Uploads will be every Wednesday at 12 PM, and may increase in frequency if i feel I can handle it. I hope it was worth the wait, though I know I've inevitably lost a lot of readers by now. So it goes, I suppose.
y'all broke robert. congrats i'm proud
Urgh, now I wanted to know how Robert tastes like too....
its ok my guy! do whatever you want with your life