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by Gamer_Mom
Join Foxglove, Booka and Two-tone as they form the amazing poke team called PokeDots. They will travel all over the world and explore new amazing places and discover the truth that lies within them and in this universe.
Can their friendships withstand these awesome yet awful truths?

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Join Foxglove, Booka and Two-tone as they form the amazing poke team called PokeDots. They will travel all over the world and explore new amazing places and discover the truth that lies within them and in this universe.
Can their friendships withstand these awesome yet awful truths?

Updates on Wednesday


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August 14th, 2019
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August 7th, 2019
You can check out what happened before it's release to the public. Check out my Patreon!
Looks like stuff is about to go down, m'friends.

Hey, why don't you c'mon down to my Patreon, Early access pages are up for PokeDots
Post Date
Hello all!

First off, I am super sorry for taking so long to get the rest of these pages done as well as continue the story that is PokeDots. But, I am taking things a bit more slower and pacing myself with my posting and crativity.

That being said, I completed Chapter 3 of PokeDots, the new pages are posted up on my Patreon - currently. If you wish to see these new pages please check out my patreon

Now, the date, the new pages will go public on the date of 7/3/19 - till then, Keep on being the wonderful you.

Buh bye!
July 24th, 2019
Can't wait for Chapter 4, but heck you might see pages of Chapter 4 already up on my Patreon.
July 17th, 2019
Just a Reminder!
I do have a Patreon!
July 10th, 2019
Just want to let you guys know
You can see more of the comic on my Patreon!
July 3rd, 2019
Welcome Back!
Sorry I took such a long Haitus, burn out is a hell of a thing.

Welcome back to PokeDots!

I'll be back but you might notices I may take things a bit slow.

Also, you can see more of the comic and new current pages on my Patreon!
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January 26th, 2019
Yo, you liking what you see?
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Congrats if you are reading my A/N, cus I got some news.
Hey guys!

I hope the holidays were kind and good for you guys and if it wasn't that okay - sometimes the Holidays sucks, I just hope you were at least able to smile a little during those days.


Moving to the main subject of this A/N, I have been creatively stretched and burnt out as of late - hence why this page is going up so late (sorry about that)
So, to kinda help ease my work load, I am changing the updates schedule for this comic.
Please note, this is something i had come to a decision by the number of Subs my two comics have gain - I see that my other comic gain more while this one, it does get more views, but hardly any subs.

So because of this, I chosen to let this comic Schedule be...well, random. Sorry to say but it will update when it updates. Now for my Patreons they will still get to see pages as soon as I finish them, but other than that, this comic is gonna be a update randomly comic (again sorry about this)

The story of PokeDots isn't ending just... it will be a bit unpredictable until I can figure out a good work schedule for myself.

Thanks you so much for the views and enjoying my story - see ya in the next update!
December 5th, 2018
I'll be back, y'know I will
Hey all you lovely awsome people!

I know, I just got off a brake with this comic and now I'm going back on one.

I have a very good reason......Life....
Yup, there's been some changes in my life that gives me less time to be creative.

So I'm currently trying to work out a schedule, as well as that thing going on with Tumblr and moving things around my Social Medias cus... y'know.... BYE BYE TUMBLR

But there is some good news that come with this brake. If you follow my Partreon or even more dotante to it. You might notice how its changing for the better,
Yup during this brake I am going to re-work my Patreon to make it more... worthy of money, I guess *shrugs*

But yeah if anyone wants to know what is going on during the brake check out my Patreon.

Last the next time this comic is going to update with new pages will be on the date of 1/5/19
Happy holidays and happy new years, luvs!
Time for A New Plan on y'alls team work
November 25th, 2018
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Goodness something is missing
that something is team work.

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Check out my Patreon
hey guys!
I hope your thanksgiving was all well and stuff.
But hey ya'lls wanna help me get a jump on the holidays?
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Team Slackers
Normally the only team that stay at Last Resorts HQ. Do to there lay back nature they are often left for sentry duty along with the weedles, kakunas and beedrils of the tree. Team Slackers consist of:

Snoozer – A Slakoth that seems to be the leader of the team. He tries his best to be a good leader but often he can be a bit slow the punch, often taking the path of ‘Slow and Steady, wins the race’. Snoozer has a dream of being a great rescue team one day and he strongly believes that with his friends that can be possible.
Ability: Truant
-Slack off
-Shadow ball

Penelope – A Munchlax that loves to snack anytime of the day. She is also known to help in the kitchen; everyone of Last Resorts love her cooking. There’s a rumor at Last Resort that She has a secret tunnel that leads to the kitchen, so she can have late night snacks. She’s often seen stuffing her face but when the team needs her, she has no trouble showing off her strength.
Ability: Thick Fat (she thicc)
-Natural Gift

Steven – An abra that is often seen sleeping rather than helping the team… or least that what it looks like. Though he is in a deep sleep he somehow teleports where ever his team goes. Not to active during the day but at night he can be seen doing some odd jobs for the team; gathering intel for there next mission, cleaning their room and writing reports of completed missions. He’s a quite type but has a lot on his mind and heart.
Ability: Synchronize
-Double Team