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Ultrawandits Art dump

A collection of crap- I mean uh art and other stuff I made.
Also prepare for bad practise pictures I find decent enough to share with the Internet.

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It doesn't loop I'm sad
@ultrawandit: my incompetence is a key part of me and regenerates like the rest of me
But inside me

@Derpygungun123: Ah sorry, weird, it was flashing in my gallery
20 hours ago

that's what I believed
Until the Summer of 1917, ah yes, I still remember that day, I was a wee lad with my tree branches and was pacing along along the riverbanks of ye ole country when it happened.
I put my sticks down to set them alight when suddenly my incompetence fell into the smoldering fires of the campfire, panicked, I made a bucket out of my shoes and put out the fire. My incompetence was very important to me as it was the staplehood of my entire being, it radiated with me and was with me ever since I was born. Finally, the fire subsided and to my surprise, my incompetence was there, sitting amongst the ashes of the sticks I used as fuel. Estatic, I quickly picked up my incompetence and shoved it into my pocket. To this day, I still hold on to my incompetence.
@ultrawandit: I see no flashing
I tried and now I'm sad

also the bottoms flashing white for some reason why is it doing that
@ultrawandit: it burns up in the following bonfire
@WiispNightmare: odd as I cannot find any traces of incompetence in your being
@Aura9301: b l u e f o r t n I t e b u s h

@gleeeetch: ok
December 13th, 2018
draw a request
December 13th, 2018
F oof
December 13th, 2018
@ultrawandit: my constant spontaneous combustion into pathetic shriveling up when I fail
December 13th, 2018
ur favourite soft drinks as furries