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Regime d'Enfer: Rule of Hell

Regime d'Enfer: Rule of Hell

by DSeven
Nobleman Colombe Vigile has recently lost his father to the internal politics of the city of Le Monde. Seeking to re-establish the prestige of his house and renew their legacy of helping the common folk, Col finds himself drawn to the status and flames of the Hellfire Club.
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Regime d'Enfer: Rule of Hell

Nobleman Colombe Vigile has recently lost his father to the internal politics of the city of Le Monde. Seeking to re-establish the prestige of his house and renew their legacy of helping the common folk, Col finds himself drawn to the status and flames of the Hellfire Club.


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Thank You!
It's been six months since Don and I premiered this comic. Thank you to everyone who stuck with us so far! I know we don't get many hits (stats page says we get like 70 a month), but really, we're just so happy that we've published this at all!
August 6th, 2018
Author Trivia #5: Divinity & Culture
We decided to make beings related to higher/lower planes of existence culturally ambiguous in their designs, partly to cut down on cultural posturing, but mostly to make the readers unsure of how to appraise them. Expect to see more odd combos like Onmyōdō angels in the future!
July 30th, 2018
Mondain Trivia #20: the Planet
Did I forget to mention the name of the planet is Purgatorio? Because that's kind of important.
July 23rd, 2018
Author Trivia #4: Blocking
Seven here! I've had experience writing plays for university before, and it's from that where I've developed the idea for all the odd angles when positioning these characters. Further, I've gotten the ideas for theatrical blocking from old cult movies like the Mephisto Waltz. Seems like everything turns back to devilry in the end!
July 16th, 2018
Mondain Trivia #19: Wealth I
The economy in this world is based on the idea that a common laborer makes two silver pieces - or argent, in Le Monde - a day. A skilled laborer makes a gold piece - 10 silver - a day, with artisans and merchants making twice that and often far more. For reference, a blanket is 5 silver pieces, a book is 25 gold, and a carriage is 100 gold.
Mondain Trivia #18: Bloodlines IV
To make family ties even more important, humanity is split into multiple extant species in this world. The basis for this split is outside intervention. To make things even worse, most people are not aware of this.
Mondain Trivia #17: Magic II
There's a large group of academic magic users known as the Conservatory who advocated the usage of transmutation magic as a means of dealing with resource scarcity. Her Royal Highness Princess Lumière became fascinated with the visuals of that particular type of magic and so its usage became en vogue among the rest of the aristocrats.
June 25th, 2018
Mondain Trivia #16: Magic I
The most common type of magic in Le Monde are necromancy and conjuration. Necromancy is handled mostly by the military's undead legions, while the Church monopolizes conjuration for the sale of healing spells. Both groups have established strict laws against the usage of such magic by civilians, although ultimately both the military and Church are controlled by la noblesse, who in turn favor transmutation.
June 18th, 2018
Mondain Trivia #15: Bloodlines III
Family is ridiculously important in this part of the world due not just to potential magical ability, but also because of the ongoing conflicts. Enough adults have died that many families have shattered, leaving a population that's composed primarily of teens and young twenty-somethings. Much like South Korea after its own war, actually.
June 11th, 2018
Author Trivia #3: Pricing
We used the prices from the Dungeon Master's Guide of Dungeons & Dragons' 5th edition to determine the costs for items like clothing and buildings. That's also why the prices are in silver, or argent in this comic, rather than French currency like sous.
Mondain Trivia #14: Seals II
To maintain the power of the various binding seals in place within a noble's lair, sacred rituals are performed. Some of them are in the form of familiar Church rituals, while others are allegorical performances. Some of these rituals are so ingrained in some families that they become cultural observances rather than magical rites.
Author Trivia #2: Colors
Thought this was going to be purely black and white due to manga influence, right? Well, let's say colors are really important in this... They're just simple paint tool fills, but we're sure you can figure out a pattern.
Mondain Trivia #13: Bloodlines III / Convention season!
Most of the rulers of the Lux Alliance's cities are the children of Old King de Lux, with Le Monde being ruled by Princess Lumière. Some of Old King de Lux's siblings had children at prolific rates, creating households like the de Nuits and la Haines. Although they are not considered part of the Royal Household, they still possess their blood, overflowing with magic, garnering respect on that basis.

/ This page was meant to be aired a week before FanimeCon - when we would've taken a one-week hiatus - thus the "to be continued." We're posting the story at a slightly faster pace, so looks like we'll move the hiatus to the week after. I'll be attending Fanime on that Monday, and will likely be tuckered-out.
Author Trivia #1: CGI I
The tableware and finery in this was created with SketchUp. It's a great program for people that want clean looking furnishings and buildings!
April 30th, 2018
Mondain Trivia #12: Bloodlines II
The system of nobility in Le Monde was partially inspired by the vassal family from Japan's feudal era, thus there are nobles who serve others of their kind despite allegedly being above such activities. Most work in service to a social better tends to be secretarial or military in nature, and the power of magic tends to make swallowing such a pill easier. Of course, there is always the issue of pride.
April 23rd, 2018
Mondain Trivia #11: Bloodlines I
As nobility descend from mighty heroes of old, blood lineage is considered extraordinarily important. Not only does it determine what type of magic a noble may be capable of manifesting, it also determines what political alliances one is born into.
April 16th, 2018
Mondain Trivia #10: Fashion II
Often, clothes are gifted to the people of Le Monde by various religious organizations that like to incorporate flairs derived from their mythologies. The Church of the Morning Star likes to attach sheets of silk to rudimentary armor plates on their fashion for nobles because it reminds people of their stories of winged warriors called "angels." Meanwhile, the Observatory likes to use fleece hoodies for both their teachers and students - many of whom are peasants - due to the idea that their heads should be covered from Heaven's sight, and also because they're cheap.
April 9th, 2018
Mondain Trivia #9: Trade I
Because of Le Monde's location at a crossroads of multiple metropolises and loci of magical power, the city has developed an unrivaled economy. The city's also rather close to the sea, with artificial canals being dug to facilitate business with passing sailors.
April 2nd, 2018
Fumble #1
That portrait in the last panel was supposed to feature An Angel Leading a Soul into Hell by Hieronymus Bosch. We forgot to add it. Our bad!
March 27th, 2018
Mondain Trivia #8: Fashion I
The setting was inspired by the Thirty Years' War, but the attire of the characters is from all over the place. The noble class tend to be dressed in outfits from the Baroque era, but some are outright Medieval, and may even incorporate armored plates sewn into their linings. Commoners' clothes look particularly modern, complete with hoodies and ankle boots. This is largely because the writer is a fan of K-pop and is a terrible person.