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Tales of Kalzeria

Kalzeria is a magical land full of adventure and danger. Giant creatures roam the land, mages study the skies, and mercenaries are hired out for any sort of menial task.

However, something dangerous is stirring nearby the adventurer hub of Casanta's Respite...


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This Page Has Cameos!
Wow, look at all of those characters!! I'll try to list them according to Twitter handles!

Panel 2: @zitronetwinkie's Yggdra reappears!

Panel 3 (left to right):

@pixsymphony's Nikki (chinchilla), @ashnicholsart's Ashley (bunny), [tumblr]hyperatomic's Lexx (pangolin), @paperofbelief's Maddy and daughter Fay (foxes)

Panel 4:
@sharpestgirl's Ari (lion), @bigfluffpup's Aie (dog), @neverlast1's Addison (hyena), @prdarkfox's Lavender (fox, kind of off screen).
Love it
I really like both the art style, and the concept of the comic so far. I can't wait to see more, and see how the story develops!
Nice to see a fantasy character not using their full plate as casual wear. I've run D&D campaigns where the group's fighter saw no problem with trying to attend a noble's ball in the stuff. XP

But what could all the bells be for? Is it to keep them from running off? ;P
...Maybe I should do that for my keys.
@Doomsby: I do have a name! They're called an "Esspot"!

Popular opinion is divided on whether it's pronounced like "depot" [Ess-poe] or like "jackpot" [Ess-pot].
"I'm just nervous you'll find the 20 kilos of cocaine I'm smuggling." :P

Just curious, but do you have a name for the type of creature pulling the cart there?
I'm really liking this comic! I like the art style and love the vividness of each page and just seeing my favorite character from another comic is just so splendid!
The deathstroke!
Yep! Here is a Killer! XD
@Doomsby: Very tired!
That is one tired-looking doggo.
@Doomsby: I *did* render the Cathedral myself! I needed something to use as a consistent reference for drawing-- and tracing, for wide shots!

I tried my best to make it not look like a 3D model up until the end there, so I did a lot of line art over renders.

The rest of the buildings are public domain building models by Daniel Anderson!
And the temple's been a 3d render this whole time as well?! Man, I need to pay more attention... Good job on the integration though. Did you do all the 3d models yourself?
@Doomsby: Hehehe, she's hearts all over!
Huh, never noticed that she had heart shaped irises. well, here's hoping that she can help.
Guest Appearance!!
Today's page has a special guest appearance! The young courier who was sent to inform the hospital is none other than Yggdra, from the comic "Guardia: The Tales of Halgeis"! Give it a look!
@Grayphus: Thank you so much! I hope to continue to impress!
A happy find!
I liked!
A very detailed and well designed work!
Looking forward to more!
@Guest: We do indeed!
We meet the protagonist or one of them
It was all a dream maybe?
@Guest: Apparently! :3