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Tales of Kalzeria

Kalzeria is a magical land full of adventure and danger. Giant creatures roam the land, mages study the skies, and mercenaries are hired out for any sort of menial task.

However, something dangerous is stirring nearby the adventurer hub of Casanta's Respite...


Recent Comments

@Mvilu Uatusun: After reading the other pages it's much easier to tell, especially with people referring to her.

Sometimes people aren't super feminine or masculine!
Not me
@Badr Bally : Actually, (having already read this page before reading the previous pages) I thought Laska was male.
LOL. Well, I was close. (I had originally planned on saying he should say, "Ow" instead of ouch. LOL.)
You can say "Ouch!" when you wake up.
"They're just letting her take the money?" Are YOU man enough to argue? I know I ain't.
@Neon Noble: I'd figured Zareth was female (can't recall now what first gave me that impression, maybe body language? But I notice now that she has the same eyelash-points as Laska), and from how Laska reacted to her I'd figured they were at least acquainted (and probably good friends), but this is much cuter! I especially love that muzzle-top kiss! I (like Doomsby) don't think I'd seen such a kiss before and it's really sweet!
@Badr Bally : Ahahaha! Her armor doesn't very much give away her figure, so I don't blame you for thinking that!

Her voice is a little deep in my mind, too, so I wouldn't say you're too far off!
Wait, Zareth's female?

..... All this time I was reading her dialogue with a manly voice in mind.
@Neon Noble: I think I overreacted. I'll delete that comment.
@Sulferon: I'm sorry you feel that way, but my characters were written this way from the start. I wasn't trying to make it any more special than a cute moment between partners. If a colorful background for a cute moment of levity is too much for you, then I really don't know what to tell you.

I've had this story cooking for a number of years and this moment was always part of it.
Hoo lordy, someone is smi~tten!
Ya know, I don't think I've seen someone get kissed on top of the muzzle before. Maybe I just haven't surfed enough furry galleries. *Shrug*
At last!!
This took way too long to get to you! I had hoped for enough time a week or two ago, but that just didn't happen. But here we are! I hope this was worth the wait.
Party popper magic!
Neon Noble
December 28th, 2018
Happy New Year! I apologize for the single comic upload this month. Things got the better of me, and I'm still shaking off the stress of the holiday season. We're just a scant few months away from the one-year anniversary of Tales of Kalzeria, though, and I'm excited to see what the year brings!

In the meantime, here's a cute sketch. I hope you'll all stick with me through 2019! <3
Stronk puma is stronk!
Heck of a right uppercut.
December 26th, 2018
And to think that his day started so well!
R.I.P. Noname fearless merc.
He couldn't survive that punch. No way.
@Doomsby: Hahahaha! It's certainly her best sport!
December 15th, 2018
Here we see Zareth in the competitive merc toss. They're starting with reasoning, moving on to insults and OH! Good for par.