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Tales of Kalzeria

Kalzeria is a magical land full of adventure and danger. Giant creatures roam the land, mages study the skies, and mercenaries are hired out for any sort of menial task.

However, something dangerous is stirring nearby the adventurer hub of Casanta's Respite...


Recent Comments

And it seems that the Bison thief, will have a very busy!!! I liked the Laska channel expression a mixture of anger and hurt!
Skyrim teached me that halberd is the best way to mutual understanding.
You're making Laska angry. You won't like when Laska's angry.

Sure hope those bystanders can get out of the way in time though, haha!
Oh boy. Anyone up for a beef skewer?
This page features a cameo by FA user -HeXen- on the right side of Panel 2! Shazza's quite surprised!
@orgostevani: Actually, he's a young buffalo! I try to keep the animals I use fairly varied, but that's not going to last much longer! XD
Who knew outta anything, an Bull would steal things.
Well, we know that Laska is super strong. Now we see if she's super fast too!
@ShadeOfAnubis: The hedgewolf isn't so much ferocious as it is elusive! Still a threat to the unprepared, however. Especially if you don't like getting pricked by thorns! XD

I'm glad you like my comic! <3
That's a pretty critter.

Though I'm not sure how scared I'd be at the prospect of a rosebush comming at me.

Cautious of all the, prickly points though. ^.^

By the way, snagged yourself another reader.
@Doomsby: Being a were-hedgewolf would be really cool, actually...

And you'd smell really good, too!
@orgostevani: The absolute best!
Ka-shick is a good sound to hear in this world, isn't it?
September 21st, 2018
Don't celebrate yet Brass, there's still the second one that needs moving!

Snark aside, that's a neat design and detail on the hedgewolf. I was originally going to joke that Laska is trying to admit that she gets her strength from being a were-hedgewolf, but honestly that'd be really cool looking!
I think Laska has something important to say, but Brass just seems too excited to listen to her!
yeah and that wolf is kind cute
wow this looks so cool and that wolf is mega strong
@Guest: She has the meats!

I enjoy working on my webcomic, but I suppose the problem is that of schedule and energy, rather than not enjoying it. I'll do what I can to keep going! <3
September 14th, 2018
Turns out Laska wasn't just bringing hedgewolves, but also THE BEEF!

As for schedule, don't stress about it too much. A webcomic should be enjoyable to the creator as much as it is for the reader, so feel free to adopt a schedule that works best for you.