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just a diary of occasional daily life comics for when i need to and to encourage me to draw more often.

Basically a RL TMI log.

WARNING: at times contains adult themes &/or mental health venting

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Entry 3
Still coming into terms with actively drawing anthro related things. I know it isnt really a big deal but im still kind of ashamed of it because I have literally 1 furry friend and I feel like people will make fun of me for whatever reason =w=;;
anyways, heres entry 3
@kitsune fire: Its too much work for me to bother half the time, i just draw some porn and call it day when its one of those moods haha

OwO Im glad youre looking into Sasha and Francis again! I hope we pick it up again it was so funnnn
Entry 2
tfw your every interpersonal relationship is tainted in that back burner fear of abandonment youve harbored for your entire life haha
This is a big mood except for the fact that I'll still go for it and then immediately pass out.

Also hi I've been looking at old Sasha Francis art and boy howdy did I miss you ;w;
Entry 1
i get too demotivated to actually do anything lmao