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The Wallflowers

The Wallflowers is a web series & comic beginning in late 2015 and ongoing as of 2018.

This webcomic is loosely based off of real life people and high school experiences.

We update our comic once a week every Friday. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for more fun updates! :)​

Recent Comments

The way that car is parked and is standing out among all the other cars. I know it sucks irl but I just love that in a story. <3
What is wrong with that woman? Sheesh! Even I'd wait about a second longer before I destroyed a piece of furniture.
She seems chill
Thank you! :D
Please make more this is funny
Whoops! Thanks for letting us know BrokenHand. Appreciate it! :)
Hey you're pages are out of order. :)
Man im all curious on how she caused that divorce
Also good luck with ur show pitch
Sorry about the lack of updates these past 2 weeks! We've been busy pitching this show to different studios! Come back next Friday for page 7!! :)
fixed, thanks!
The picture doesn't work
Oh heck mamas bout to throw a chair
Page 4. Come back next Friday for the next page!
thanks a ton! :D
thats some p great art