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Delta's Art Landfill

My garbage art dump, I randomly upload depending on how inspired I am when it comes to drawing

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Wanna know if you folks like my anatomy style, ive been trying out a new way of drawing, also I still gotta work on male anatomy
Story Time, Again
So this started as practice for female anatomy for me, but I ended up liking it, so I ended up making it into a full drawing, Delta's cosmetics are kinda weird with the new style im trying. Guess I gotta work on that
Heck Yea!
Alright, so I was playing L4D2 on Steam, someone added me, and then ask me- YES ME! For a comm, I was honestly pretty happy when I got asked for a comm, so I did the best I could on it to prove my (kinda) artistic value. I did it as a free comm too, since I wanted to maybe hope he tells his other friends about me lmao.
Well spent
Spent $.69 for a digital sketch with no colors, looks pretty good tbh.
Made by my good friend Krazz, her commision page link is below for anyone interested. dit?usp=sharing
@snow flake 108: Nah, I used a program a friend showed me called 'Autodesk Sketchbook', pretty good drawing app too once you get the hang of it
did you use ibsi paint
Looks alright
Made this during class, no joke im kinda digging the style lmao
@snow flake 108: Cool beans
snow flake 108
May 23rd, 2018
Also I’m going to update some of my discontinued comics. Example:the adventures of moona and neko Kat
@snow flake 108: Ah, I checked through your art gallery a couple of weeks ago & I remember thinking "Huh, thats pretty coincidental" when I saw Hala, cool character design for her btw.
snow flake 108
May 23rd, 2018
Oh um I don’t remember but if you se my art gallery there is a page called “hala “ but I realized that my character has a cat hat on but basically they both have eyes ya know
@snow flake 108: Thanks =D, also, which character?
snow flake 108
May 22nd, 2018
i like how you draw the blush. and also that hat is related to one of my characters!
Story Time
A good friend that i've been hanging out with for multiple years decided to take a commission from me when he was bored in a Discord call with me, so I asked him to draw Delta, idk wheres he's going with this, but i'll keep it updated. This is also the same guy who made me the SFM Umbreon picture (Which I re-uploaded the full version of)
So I decided to make a chapter dedicated to art people have made for me, wether as a gift or as a commission. This lovely piece of work was made by a friend on an Amino im on, he goes by the name "TropicalCylone", sorry if the image quality is kinda bad, the only file type it would download as is JPG.
I made this as a meme for the replacement of the thinking emoji for the Discord servers I run
Idk, I think it turned out alright but e g g
April 25th, 2018
W o a h
Guess who discovered Autodesk Sketchbook... This Guyyyyyyyyyy