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Prince Marine: The Dandy Robot

Prince Marine: The Dandy Robot is a space fantasy webcomic about a robot prince who, on a personal mission to save his kingdom, learns the terrible truth about himself and his family and why this secret could doom the entire universe. This comic will update every Wednesday.


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Neo Yi
October 16th, 2019
To make this page funnier, please imagine your favorite Hanna-Barbara and.or Looney Tunes sound effects.
Neo Yi
October 9th, 2019
Ruby’s audition for Nickelodeon’s GUTS took off in a very dangerous direction.
Neo Yi
October 1st, 2019
Page 226
Neo Yi
September 25th, 2019
Page 225

Ruby “If I hear one more analogy I’m going to burst like a dang volcano” Be’ Meth.
Neo Yi
September 17th, 2019
I love Autumn and all its aesthetic, so artwork of it had to happen eventually.

This comic is coming back with Chapter Six tomorrow! See you then!
Neo Yi
September 18th, 2019
Chapter 6

Song: "White and Nerdy" ~by Weird Al

It's TIME! I'm sorry this took so long to update. As always, a new page will be up every Wednesday! Thank you!
Annnnndd that’s it for the bonus comic! Next up - and I appreciate the immense patience from you guys - Chapter Six! It’ll be uploaded Wednesday, Sept. 18th!

Thank you for reading my comic. Here’s to more of the dandiest of dandy robots! :D
First meeting...
<p>Happy 4th anniversary! This comic’s birthday was yesterday and I was mad rushing to get something of a picture done for it! So here’s some of the major (or at least semi-important) characters in the comic. They might double as new character profiles in the future...which means I need to draw more. <br></p><p>More “Alligator Tears” next Wednesday! Thank you for sticking with me on this comic. If you want to keep following me, check out my other social media: <br></p><p>

Main Comic Site: [LINK]
Tumblr: [LINK]
Twitter: [LINK]<br>Ko-fi: [LINK]

Thank you!</p>
Page 13 and 14

hey that place looks familiar...
Mudskippers are some of the dumbest looking animals in existence and I love drawing them.
@jellyfishin: gee if only a wealthy robot prince would adopt this poor baby. but that could never happen, am I right? XD
Aww, poor Iolite, she seems to always get the short end of the stick.
lol bye.
The feel when you realize even smaller Iolite has a frog head when she alligator.
Bonus Comic!

Something small to tide time until I can get Chapter Six ready. Been wanting to tell this story for a while, but could never fit it anywhere in the main story, so side comic.

“Alligator Tears” is a prequel dealing with Iolite shortly before she met Marine.
Final pic: Top Hat and the Orphans.

Still working on Chapter Six, but to sate you guys over, i have a bonus comic that’ll be going up. It’s a prequel! It’s about Iolite! It’ll be up next Wednesday, June 19th!

Thanks for waiting!
Promo art for Marine’s parents, High Queen Lazuli and King Sapphire.

I have one more promo art to pump out asap, then the bonus comic!
Another promo art, this time workaholic “He-Needs-A-Vacation” Catalina.