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The Archipelago Adventure

A collaborative sprite comic Where organizations , small teams, or individuals are exploring a mysterious set of Islands.

Recent Comments

A NPC faction for the comic. a mysterious group protecting the island from intruders. How they have weapons? Why there protecting the Islands? well you will have to find out :P
there's some people on your island!
A mysterious group has been watching the fleet drop there troops on the Island and now they decide to strike back at the intruders. Who they be and why there showing hostilities towards the fleet?
March 23rd, 2018
Go fast and land hard
Something done for me by Jebo14 DA page: (Does really cool ship sprites)

These vehicles help get the troops onto the Island and there only armed with two autocannons to make a landing safer.
The doctor is here
I need to set up a MEGA for those participating to place there sprites

The faction in the comic in the first two pages. This faction is heavily inspired by the protomen version Hench why not the crazy colorful robots :P
@jebo14: yup. I do thank you for doing the sprites man :)
so this is where you needed it for...
Corps doing Corp stuff
And now they begin the Exploration of the island.
The start of a new adventure
The exploration of the mysterious islands has begun. and a Corporation is taking advantage of it.