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Breath of the Why: A Zelda Parody Collection

Just a collection of shenanigans for my favourite video game series! There's a little of everything, but some games are more represented than others. *cough*Breath of the Wild*cough*

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@Roccy: Hahaha! I can't stop thinking about this now when I see them in Death Mountain. The least I can do is drag y'all down with me!
April 6th, 2018
Omg, why did i never realize the freaking wood creatures didnt burn when you found them on the volcano!!! aldkjfs;lkdjflasdk;jf
I swear. When I was little and playing wind waker.. this was all I would do on outset island. Pretend I was a lawn mower.
@Guest Who: Not by me, tbh, but lord knows Tumblr does xD
... Is this implying that these two are being shipped?
So... where do I need to sign up??