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Fishsticks Dumb and Random Art

So welcome yaayyyy
Here I post my horrific and cringey art!
Yeah good luck on trying to not cringe or scream.

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Ima Fishtick
February 2nd, 2019
Ahh I was experimenting poses and I referenced off something.
Alexander Hamilton as a panther..with galactic-violet eyes?Is that possible for a panther to have violet eyes?
Yay Lafayette is cool as a fox.

(Lmao dont read the alt text)
@Ima Fishtick: kk, that's not wrong, they were a giant chunk of history, so it’s right in a way. Also, see either the rp or my art dump.
@pixlyJolt: eh nothing really.I do 1-5 hours of art daily now.Im just watching Hamilton stuff while sniffling and sobbing in the closet because Laurens and Philip died w h y.
(Yes, im crying over people who died 200 years ago.)
@Ima Fishtick: So...what's up with you...or sky, wisp, & the others?
@pixlyJolt: here its Saturday so yeah :P
It said on DeviantArt it was his bday and im watching him.
@Emc_502: ahh, thank you!
<s>now all my drawings shall be lineless >:3</s>
Your art is really improving!
Keep up the good work!
Stupid school. Happy bday ‘clipsey boi! Friday! (Fish, how did you know it was his bday anyways) it_new=10%3A1548463987

Read that im lazy to type it
January 20th, 2019
I did
Ima Fishtick
January 20th, 2019
Im lazy to type it all so just read the DA page:
@Emily the shy sylveon: it says hamil-ham in this Guns and Ships joke animatic :
@Ima Fishtick: No problem, buddy ol' pal!
(I'll never say that again!)

Also, why did you call Hamilton Hamilham on the ES Rp site?
@Emily the shy sylveon:

*stares at the neck and the eyes*

(And another thanks lmao)
@Ima Fishtick: your art style has change a bit. I like it!