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CvM origins (a Pokemon comic)

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We follow Team Ace as they have wacky adventures and take down Team Impulse!

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an hour late... sorry bout that! ill try to work on it before the deadline instead of last minute
@a pair of balls: that friend is you, Jaidon
Man that fri3ne
Man that friend of urs made a smart choice
sorry for not uploading yesterday... my friend was pressuring me to work on my animation so i forgot about the comic
@lulueeveee11: thats jimmy for you
wait so he lit it before he could place it.

double upload today because i made this and realized i never made a cover for it so... i made one quick. might as well just post this today
i just wanted to draw Vee as different evolutions
@EeveE: oh you mean the Comic Sans...
It is the exact same style at the begining :/
@EeveE: wait what i didnt put an undertale reference in here
Undertale Reference
Awesome :3
That was awesome XD
The breath of the ghost pepper
Sorry for not uploading... i couldn't use my computer for 3 days
@a pair of balls: Legendary Mars Bar
Suck my legendary skar
one of my favorite title names so far