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Yuri-chan the Magical Girl

A badly drawn comic about Yuri the magical girl, and her 11 accomplices.
Comment an action, it could be implemented into the story!

Recent Comments

I swear this has context.
disregard the art. hear the dialogue in your mind and see a better drawing with your third eye. define fever dream in the comments and win an iPhone Ultimate 5th generation in the year 2165.
Re; Re; Review
@graphicallyTwodee: Ur welcome, sorry I was not more descriptive , but I had five minutes to do the review, If u want meh to redo / edit the review , then I will .

Also , Star Vs. The Force Of Evil ( *1 ) , Where A Princess Named Star Butterfly Travels To Earth To Practice Her Magic After She Earns Her Wand .

*1 - SVtFOE - .
re; Review

Thank you very much for your input! You are actually very accurate and I appreciate your comment very much <3
Not sure I get the reference but that's okay, I like it anyways.
Obviously A review, obviously .
Action - the girl tackles Vicki or Vicki bites her ,

The story about a magical girl Named Yuri Chan , witch or princess from another dimension that comes to earth to train her magic (*1)

so far , seems like a combo of both SVtFOE and sailor moon, while I will not judge or complain, the plot already opened up to be catching my eye, nice .

But any ways, from the pages alone , the comic brings forth a major enemy, probs, plus an inner demon, as I assume, n0ice .

Current Points -
Art Style - 5/5
Humor - 3/5
Spelling - 5/5
Dark Stuff - 3/5 ?

Total - 16/20, Keep Up The InCredible Work, Twodee .

*1 - Magic - Get The Reference ? ?
First page, let's see how this goes! I'm doing this unscripted. Feel free to comment any actions she should take! I may or may not implement them (I probably will).