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Shreck 3

Shreck the Ogre goes on adventures with his blood brother Donkey to try and save the Blood Relic from the grasps of the evil Lord Fartsquad


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Will the attack hit? Who knows
you need to let go the weed and probably the pc for a while
Here comes a battle
oh no, could this be the end for Shreck?
Time for some real action
Shreck will not be fooled by this fool
He shouldn't be trusted
Easier done than said
Looks like the element of surprise isn't present after all
He hopefully has the element of surprise
He goes to Guy Fiery's spicy lair but there is no door to go back
He's gonna do it
Shreck will have to be alone on this mission it looks like
Shreck has to trust him I guess, he has no other leads
Who knows if he can be trusted
Oh no, it's Mechalbert
He must approach further
A strange voice beckons him