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Average Heroes

Average. And probably heroes?

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Fun fact
penguins have knees
i have played persona 5 for a week and haven't done anything else
who's excited for the new super smash bros?
i am uploading alot huh
another update
so i've been uploading less and less and that is because im lazy lol.

also spooky time
so i ran out of batteries on my stylus, and for some reason there were no stores near me that had aaaa batteries (the ones i needed), so i had to wait for the weekend , and then i had to update my computer with all the updates since the start of the year (which took a while), and then i realised i had 3 assignments due Tuesday, so as a result it took me slightly longer to make this comic.

why must my life be like this
@BestBuilder101: yeah he kinda does.
Just realised that
Okay, I’m gonna say it: Jay looks like Sonic Boom Tails.

Then again, I could be wrong, cause I’m only seeing the top of him.

Also I’m in love with this comic already
I was lazy
i was lazy and didn't make any comics for a bit
Hey guys
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa thats what the japanese in the last frame translates to
yo the reason this took longer than the other pages is because i had schoolwork to hand in this week and there was a lot and i couldn't update the comic and stuff.

just changed pages 15 & 16 to flat shading because it looks better.
New chapter
haha fart jokes are funny
This may be alluding to something...
if you are reading this i want you to comment so i can prove to myself that people are reading this. WAHOO!
He he angry boy
He very angery
10 Pages
double digits! that is good
bob stands for something.