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The Adventures of Chubbacurn

Meet Chubbacurn, a majestic creature of magic and beauty. The life of the majestic Chubbacurn and her friends is one full of magic, snacks, and shenanigans.


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XDERP7 (Guest)
June 11th, 2018
i bet your on the left :D
June 11th, 2018
Steal your Cake
Sorry for the lack of updates, been rather busy. Back in the groove now!
Can't Hold it back Anymore!1
Fuck it all~ Fuck it all~ Turn away and slam the fucking door~!
Metal as fuck
When you just want to be metal as fuck and your homies don't accept you.
May 14th, 2018
A day in the life of Chubbacurn
A little more into Chubbacurn's character. Everyone has flaws...It's called individuality and it's beautiful.
Yes! Chubbacurn, you are perfect the way you are!
Chubbacurn is my fucking spirit animal.
Welcome to Chubbacurn's fabulous fucking adventure.
The Adventures of Chubbacurn and her friends.

If you don't like it, Chubbacurn says go screw yourself.